20 Equivalent Names for the Inner Child


If you have heard terms in the vein of “inner child” and “etheric body,” you may have been been curious about the indefinite, amorphous and mutable quality connoted.

This seemingly technical point is worth discussing because “our immune system” is one of these synonyms.

If connecting and communicating with your immune system interests you, read on. The following rectifies some tangled terminology and reveals WHY indefinite, amorphous and mutable connotations are in fact warranted for this subject.

While the term “inner child,” has some purchase in humanistic psychology circles, even in 2013, no widespread mainstream acceptance of the reality and practical use of the etheric body exists. I’m hoping Innerwise.eu helps change this.

The “inner child” concept has greatest practical use among energy workers, dowsers, muscle testers and therapists working with post-traumatic-stress-disorder.

The shallow penetration of the “inner child” into wider culture is unfortunate because acknowledging our lower helper self, an invisible being you CAN connect and communicate with, is one of the biggest bridges into self-healing.

For those interested, it helps to start at the end, the conclusion, and work backwards to show its inevitability.

The conclusion is our inner child is primarily an etheric being.

Q: Why? What does this mean?

A: In modern terms, our etheric body is the natural pre-existing “operating system” of internal connections, across all internal boundaries, of the soul in human experience on Earth.

In original Theosophical terms, our etheric body is the “envelope” for our chakra system, our lower frequency bodies (mental, emotional, imaginal, physical).

Beyond all our other invisible sub-bodies, our etheric body is the mega-body of our visible and invisible bodies.

Its continuum of frequencies, from low to high and back down again, is many octaves wider than our mental or emotional bodies.

Why? So it can contain within one “envelope” all the quite distinct and different frequencies of the various bodies needed to function in the Earth experience: memory/habit body, mental body, emotional body, imaginal body, meridian body and physical body.

Without a web and without a weaver, without common communication between all our bodies, without communication between them and our immortal-eternal soul–each of us would be even more disorganized than we are now!

The enormity of frequencies in our etheric body can be simplified into a high frequency character and a low frequency character.

Within the lower frequencies of our etheric body are all the acupuncture meridians and what Steiner points to in the phrase “etheric formative forces,” the “pre-physical body.” The Conception Vessel, Governing Vessel and the rest of the “strange flows” are lowest in etheric frequency, in the unconscious. The 12 organ meridians are slightly higher, in the sub-conscious. That’s why we can feel some changes and activity in the organ meridians but rarely if ever in the Conception & Governing.

Within the upper frequencies of our etheric body are archetypal ideals, images, superhero images, archetypal polarities of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and our habits of connecting with or disconnecting from them. The mystical Horn of Plenty is in the upper etheric of each person. How easily or how challenging it is for you to connect with Infinite Supply, through your own agency, suggests whether you liked-enjoyed the book/movie, The Secret; or, if you are part of the backlash against The Secret.

Finally, the range of frequencies in the sum total of our etheric body is the home of our habit body or habit hologram. In it are stored all the habits–functional and dysfunctional–on each level of our psyche, physical, imaginal, emotional, mental and unconscious (you can Google “PACME” for more on this scheme).

Our immune system is our ‘pre-physical body,’ the one in charge of keeping all bodies in our Earth experience coherent, integrated and coordinated, as possible, permitted and allowed.

In computer jargon, our etheric body is the “shell program” enabling access to all capabilities and apps, from any other point in the system.

More poetically, our etheric body is “the web that has no weaver.” This phrase is the title of a famous Chinese Medicine book. The author may indeed have coined the phrase. His phrase can be perceived as more pertinent to the function and character of the etheric body itself than to the interrelated web of topics in Chinese medicine.

In common jargon, our etheric body weaves together all parts of our psyche, into a person, who can both walk and chew gum at the same time, both walk the dog and talk on a cell phone simultaneously.

Indeed, the capacity to embrace, coordinate and make sense of unrelated but contiguous organs, functions and activity IS the nature of the etheric body.

Alert readers will grasp how this connects the etheric body with the characteristic concerns of mothering, to the Divine Mother, and to the Womb of Creation.

20 names for the inner child

Because our etheric body is the primary integrating function of the human experience; and, because it is invisible, it has been “discovered” over and over again, given many names by many “blindmen.”

The historical naming of the etheric body is exactly analogous to the poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant.” See full poem and its origins here: http://www.noogenesis.com/pineapple/blind_men_elephant.html

Briefly, each blind man, feeling only the one part of the elephant, between his two hands, over-generalizes his understanding of one small part of the elephant, the leg, the tail, the trunk, to be the true character of the entire elephant.

The sighted person looking more “spherically” at a healthy elephant perceives multiple functions and aspects.

Hence: 20 names for the inner child.

See if you can add any terms to this list:

1) vitality, prana, chi

2) habit body, habit hologram

3) memory body

4) inner child as reactive emotional self

5) wounded inner child of the past

6) operating system of the body

7) animal self, animal nature

8) the body electric, life force

9) immune system,

10) the “floating brain”

11) neural default mode

12) “feelings and needs” in the NVC sense

13) the ‘Little Artist’ of The Artist’s Way

14) innate wisdom of the sum of your cells

15) morphogenetic fields (Steiner through Poppelbaum)

16) subconscious+unconscious

17) gatekeeper of the etheric centers

18) Rudolf Steiner’s “etheric formative forces”

19) etheric body, etheric double

20) Growth body

Have I left out anything? If you add a term, send it to me.

Q: How intelligent is my etheric body?

A: If our immune system is intelligent enuf to keep our food digesting, reflexes walking, mouth talking and brain thinking–all at once–it must have some degree of intelligence. This cannot all be chemistry, cannot be even all neuro-chemistry; it cannot be all genes. “Intelligence” is the only reasonable explanation for we can multi-task and perform other high-function behavior.

You may be surprised to learn our lower helper self, our immune system can accomplish all its tasks with the intelligence of a three year old.

Q: You mean I’m not the only intelligence inside my own body?

A: Correct. The original Plan was for the waking conscious self to be in the middle, between, sandwiched between, an upper helper self and a lower helper self.

Q: Of what use to me is the intelligence of a three year old?

A: As any healthy three year old, our child within can respond to direct questions and respond if what is offered is “TRUE for me now (beneficial);” or, “NOT TRUE for me now (neutral to detrimental).”

Plants do not have this added level of discretion-preference-intelligence, our etheric body, immune system, does.

If it did NOT have this level of intelligence in our small intestine, we would take in whatever was in our G.I. Tract indiscriminately, like a plant. Find full discussion of this in other articles at HealingToolbox.org.

Our etheric body is our connection to the cosmos

Our etheric body, our lives in energy, most of it invisible to our waking-thinking self. It experiences itself as an instance, a subset, and at effect from, the much larger etheric bodies of nationhood, planet Earth, the solar system.

This is why, once a language bridge has been conceived and practiced, like arm-length testing–if it is allowed and needful–it is relatively easy to direct it to access information from these larger “macro” fields.

Why so mysterious?

Because your etheric body is ideally a servant of the best and highest speed “internet connection” between your waking self and your physical body, mind, emotions, etc, it has this “empty” appearance. The etheric body of a newborn child does not draw attention to itself unless it is in distress. It is allowing, perceiving, learning, making connections.

This is the “neither this nor that” characterization of the upper etheric realm first pointed out by the Zen Buddhists. The upper etheric is home to both the Void (divine masculine) and the Horn of Plenty (divine feminine activity in Creation).

In its “neither this nor that” character, its not wishing to draw attention to itself, its wish to remain int he background, keeping everything connected and maintained, our etheric body takes on it “mysterious” aspect. Indeed, the etheric realm is the home of the very quality and character of “mystery;” and we can add, the mutability of women, the pleasure women take in acquiring new looks and experimenting with novel presentations of themself.

Excerpted and revised from You Have Three Selves, Volume 1, available at Amazon in paper and eBook form.

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Source by Bruce Dickson