6 Common Obstacles to Daily Meditation

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Struggling with Meditation is Common

I have actually struggled with meditation the majority of my life. Over a period of 15 years, I purchased meditation CD’s, went to meditation classes and also read books on meditation, yet was still not able to incorporate it into my daily life. The meditation CD’s normally put me to sleep as well as the courses and also publications made me seem like a failure! In fact, my initial meditation was fairly excruciating as well as I always felt like I was as well active to meditate!

The sad fact is that while a lot of us are aware of the advantages of meditation, really few people really have a routine meditation technique. There are a great deal of barriers to overcome in order to integrate meditation into our day-to-days live. I overcame those obstacles as well as have been practicing meditation daily for two years in addition to practicing meditation occasionally throughout the day! Via meditation I have actually experienced extra peace as well as joy in my life, I have actually ended up being much less reactive and much less stressed as well as I have extra power and also creativity! And I recognize you can experience these advantages as well!

Yet initially, I assume it is very important to define what meditation is? A number of us have misconceptions regarding meditation. The most usual misunderstanding is that meditation has to do with eliminating thought! That would certainly establish any person up for failure! Meditation, instead, has to do with ending up being the viewer of idea rather than the activator to idea.

Meditation, pure and simple, is being fully present in the moment! In this meditative state you know the fact of that you are past your body and also your mind.

Have you ever before been in awe at a stunning sunset? A lot so that you forgot about what happened 5 minutes ago, as well as you weren’t thinking about the future? You were completely in the moment and also had this sense of aliveness inside? Well, that’s meditation!

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Making Meditation Part of Our Schedule

So since we understand what meditation is, how do we integrate it in to our every day lives? I understood the reasons I had actually had a hard time for many years before I developed a normal meditation practice, however I wondered to see if others had the very same factors, so I conducted a worldwide survey on the biggest barriers to meditation as well as obtained over 400 actions from people in 46 various countries. Below are the TOP 6 most significant challenges to meditation, and how you can overcome them!

Obstacle # 1: Not having sufficient time

The largest obstacle people encounter in creating a routine meditation method is TIME. We don’t have enough time to meditate! (Remarkably sufficient this wasn’t simply an “American” phenomenon. Individuals from all around the world mentioned they didn’t have adequate time to practice meditation).

Yet there are 4 easy methods to incorporate meditation into your life without taking ANY time out of your present schedule!

First, I invite you to convert your waiting time right into practicing meditation time.

The typical person waits 45-60 minutes a day. We await consultations, we wait in traffic, we wait in line at the food store and we wait on hold on the phone. Yet those precious “waiting times” can be exchanged practicing meditation times.

So following time you are waiting on an appointment, take a moment to see your breath. Or next time you are waiting in line at the grocery store, take a moment to smile from the within.

Second, have a day-to-day activity be your meditation. You can integrate meditation into any one of these everyday activities:

* brushing your teeth

* clearing the dishwasher

* showering.

* eating.

* walking.

* folding laundry, ironing.

As you comb your teeth, discover your breath. Or notice the aliveness in your hands as well as mouth. As you clear the dish washer, really feel the aliveness in your hand as you place each recipe away.

Third, have your pet or cat be your meditation! Have you ever before saw when walking your canine how your canine is completely in the moment, absorbing its’ surroundings? Well you can join your pet in this joyous state. When walking the canine discover the aliveness in your feet with each step. Notification the aliveness of the trees, birds, your surroundings. While cuddling the pet cat, see the softness of the fur. Be totally existing with your pet dog or feline!

Fourth, meditate while driving! Currently, certainly, do NOT shut your eyes as well as practice meditation while driving. But you can be entirely existing while driving, with your eyes open. While driving, notice the aliveness in your hands as you touch the guiding wheel. Or at a quit sign or in website traffic, see your breath.

These are straightforward means you can incorporate meditation right into your daily life without taking WHENEVER out of your current routine. If all of us did these straightforward things, we ‘d have a day-to-day meditation practice!

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“Meditating is also a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial, since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.”
― Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

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Obstacle # 2: Absence of Self-Discipline.

The 2nd largest barrier individuals face in integrating meditation into their life is absence of self-discipline! Meditation takes self-control. I recognize much of us start out with wonderful intents to practice meditation daily or to work out day-to-day and also we might do it for a number of weeks, however after that we do not have the discipline necessary to proceed.

That’s why life coaches, personal trainers and other careers have actually been created! To hold us answerable and to maintain us concentrated!

So if you lack self-discipline, locate a meditation companion! Ask your spouse, companion, buddy, coworker to join you in including meditation into your every day life. Hold each other liable.

And even if you can not find a person that intends to practice meditation with you, inform your spouse/friend/partner/ coworker of your intention to practice meditation daily and also ask him/her to check in with you and ask you how you are doing.

Just as a workout companion is helpful and also effective, a meditation companion can be too!

Obstacle # 3: Not having the right area or room to practice meditation.

The 3rd largest challenge individuals stated is NOT having the right area or area to practice meditation! This is a “regarded challenge.” You can literally meditate anywhere; while driving a car or walking through a congested mall.

Individuals commonly utilize not having a special location or particular area as a justification to NOT practice meditation. If we continually wait on the right conditions to practice meditation, we’ll never practice meditation.

I provide individuals a meditation assignment: to meditate in a public area! They can go through the wall and discover people and also places, while observing their breath or noticing the aliveness in their feet.

Obstacle # 4: Falling Asleep.

The fourth most usual obstacle to meditation is dropping off to sleep. As well as yet lots of meditation CD’s claim that it’s alright if you go to sleep due to the fact that you are still getting the benefits of meditation … The only benefit you’re obtaining is a tranquil rest! And also yet, that is an advantage too! Meditation is awareness. It’s being totally existing in the moment. When you’re asleep, you’re asleep, not meditating.

Below are some tips if you fall asleep while meditating:.

* Don’t practice meditation in the evening prior to bed. So usually many of us wish to meditate everyday however do not consider it up until we remain in bed or getting ready for bed and after that we try to meditate. Of course we’ll fall asleep.

* Attempt meditating in the early morning or mid day when you look out.

* Meditate in small increments throughout the day. Once more, discover your breath for a couple mins while brushing your teeth or showering.


Challenge # 5: A lot of distractions.

The 5th most usual grievance from people is that there are way too many interruptions to meditate. Yet distractions do not need to be distractions.

As an example, during among my meditations, my cat Vinnie came up to me and started meowing. He would not quit either. He wanted my interest. Currently to the majority of people, this would certainly be a distraction and a factor to quit meditating. Rather, I opened my eyes, muffled the flooring with him and cuddled him while discovering my breath. I incorporated my dog right into my meditation. Instead of permitting him to become an interruption, he became my meditation!


If you are meditating and also a disturbance occurs. Simply see it. Allow it to be. If it’s something that needs your focus, often tend to whatever needs to be done, while still observing your breath!

Challenge # 6: Not knowing just how to meditate.


Numerous people feel that they don’t recognize exactly how to practice meditation. We make meditation a lot more challenging than it really is! Again, meditation has to do with being present in the moment. It’s really about finding what helps you!


Once more, you can integrate meditation into your life without taking time out of your routine. Your life can come to be a meditation. It is those moments throughout the day that we are completely present in the moment that matter. As well as via meditation, we discover the bliss of being that we are!


Lisa Hepner is an author, speaker and also meditation facilitator. She is the developer of the global “Do not Wait-Meditate” campaign which obtains individuals to pledge to convert their waiting time right into meditating time. She is the designer of Job Meditate whose goal is to assist individuals establish a daily practice of meditation.


Authorize the main Do not Wait-Meditate promise and receive a FREE report on the “7 typical false impressions concerning meditation” and also access to a FREE video clip library of 17 videos on all aspects of meditation, go t.

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