A Lesson on How to Achieve Success Through Self-Improvement: Be Courageous


Picture yourself in this situation; you are a young recruit at the Virginia Military School for cadets, never have experienced war, but you are being trained for one. Confederate forces are on the edge of defeat, losses are heavy, then the call comes from headquarters, "Send all recruits to the front lines immediately." How would you react to this news?

During the civil war, before the battle of new market, the Virginia Military cadets (age range between 12 and 18 yrs old), were called up to join the battle. They faced a powerful union army; They did not receive support from the older confederate soldiers, in fact, they teased because of their age.

These cadets made a difference:

1. The older confederate soldiers ran while the cadets stayed in formation; bombs exploding all around them.

2. The cadets were the first group to charge the Union army line under heavy fire, fought courageously, captured the hill, thus forcing the Union army to retreat.

Nobody thought these boys would be the reason the confederate army was victorious at the battle of new market. In our own personal life, we are fighting a different battle; we are fighting a war against self-defeat. We are striving everyday to find happiness and success, but the armies of self-defeat are always attacking; this is why we need to be courageous and continue to fight our personal battles until we are victorious, just like the cadets. This is an important lesson on how to achieve success through self-improvement.

1. Don't be afraid to take the hits. In the movie "Rocky Balboa," there was a moment when Rocky was talking to his son about not being a coward or making excuses when things do not go right in our life. Life is about getting up after when we have failed; that is how ordinary people succeed and find happiness in this life. They keep moving forward, especially when times are dark and dreary. You have 2 options in life; you can stay down and let life continually beat upon you or you can rise, dust yourself off and fight, the latter is what makes ordinary people winners.

2. Don't let your weaknesses keep you down. Being courageous simply means that you know what your weaknesses are and that you are doing everything in your power to strengthen them. Tony Horton, P90X creator, once said and I quote, "Rome was not built in a day and neither was your body … just show up … keep pushing play." End quote. If you have trouble writing an article, just keep practicing until you become an expert. If you have a dream of becoming a doctor, do what it takes to study and learn all the material until you become an expert. If you have a weakness in speaking in front of a large group of people, practice in front of your family or a small group of people until you become an expert.

Be courageous everyday of your life and you will find happiness, you will become a better person. In conclusion to this article, I hope that you have learned this important lesson on how to achieve success through self-improvement.


Source by Milo Pabawena