A Social Amnesia


Regression in to oblivion

One cannot help but wonder after a visit to one or some of the great historical places or having finished reading about a great book of history about yester year great civilization and finding out that the current settlers in place or places are not even aware of the fact that an exemplary civilization had happened in the place they occupy today; But are rather as interested listeners to archeologist's and historian's description and findings as any of us distant read. It is mind boggling to think of the disparity in skill and level of awareness that had existed then and now in the same place to make one think that either the current dwellers or those civilized ones that once lived there were from anything but another distant place and often fails to yield any clue as to where they could have been beyond mere speculations and distant possibilities. One thing that have remained true thus fare is that all of the current settlers at theses points of early civilizations seems to have suffered some kind of social amnesia or have regressed to a point where they have totally forgotten their early decent beginnings in their forbearers monumental accomplishments . I cannot help mentioning here to having read a well documented and researched book by a well known author Graham Hancock which dealt with most or all of the great points of early great human civilizations from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

In all or most of this places the disparity in the level of skills wealth and affluence between what was then and what is now seems and is immeasurable. This disparity seems and may be is the main factor for the search for an outsiders who might have effected or helped effect those unprecedented isolated human social and material achievements. These searches for outside source for the causes and makers of such human civilizations will take us nowhere, but to a community of other people which is not only all ways lucking but an endless per suet may be till we get to Adam and Eve themselves; for every human group had seen the light of a day and the darkness of the nights that often and always followed. Thus it seems, it is not only important, prudence and common sense dictates to look in to areas where it have been overlooked or under investigated. It is a likely possibility that the mystery lies in the very working and methods of skill and power transfer from generation to generation and may be these civilizations were not as such social civilizations rather individual and group achievement. where the knowhow and the skills that are exhibited are simply levels acquired by individuals and privileged master builders and artisans than it was a social awareness where the society at large or even the rank and file was aware or conscious of for reasons of security and governance or even intellectual proprietorship. Here it seems it is important to closely examine the above mentioned possible causes each at a time.

It may be first and for most important and very much significant to establish the difference between what we term anything as civilization and Masterpieces of individual and few master builders, artisans and Master's accomplishments. Civilizations have a characteristic of being social, cultural and have somehow a way of getting in to the moral, social and economic fiber of an entire society directly or indirectly; while in masterpieces beyond the privileged few and the individual the masses and the rank and file luck both the awareness, the need and the skill needed to perform above and beyond simple labor in the creation and perpetuation of the accomplished "great scientific, engineering and social masterpieces ". Since civilization have this uncontrollable behavior of filtering down to the populous and reaching beyond the intents of authority may be these global early shining point are not products of civilizations rather achievements of some unknown masters, master builders and artisans. If they were one may ask why weren't they known? It an issue important enough to cause or cast doubt on the whole case we have set out to clarify and shed light on. The issue of secrecy was not and still is not an issue of proprietorship only, but was and is also an issue of power and governance. In the earlier times Rulers were of Gods or themselves Gods who ruled by divine providence and magical acts that were beyond and above the comprehension and understanding of the common man unlike today's rul rulers who have to prove what they can, and what they are, to the general public before they are elevated to seats of power. Their skill and know how not only unquestioned and unchallenged, but also mythical and that could have been achieved either by acquiring the knowledge or appropriating the knowledgeable and keeping it secure enough that it won't spread to the governed. This phenomenon is not limited to master pieces of architecture, art, sculpture and the visual arts but to all branches and disciplines of human knowledge. It is a common knowledge that many perished with what they have acquired and learned and revealed to them than pass the knowledge to strangers and the public at large for reasons of proprietorship .It is as well a well documented phenomenon that a magic revealed to everybody ceases to be magic and the prestige of being a magician disappears as a result. There were neither copy right laws nor royalty to encourage the transfer and dissemination of knowhow and knowledge adding to the already mentioned barriers.

Power transfer has never been easy or orderly. This still is true in many parts of the world if not all parts of the world. Even in the USA where supposedly the at most discipline and orderliness is exhibited and expected, it have been heard in-coming and out-going governments accusations of each other of file shredding and displacing and the like, never mind some election turmoils that casted some Doubt on some recent past elections. The story before we have learned to be civil enough to established the rule of law and order like today's power transfers have been the most dreaded events and the most destructive historical events societies all over have to experience that most chose to live with the evils of the governments they had than to have to see the life and material sufferings and lose that normally precede change of governments or power transfers. Often new governments establish themselves by not simply overthrowing their predecessors, but by undoing all that they did and destroying all they stood for. It is also important to note that most traditions dictate to die in honor of the old master than to betray and get rewarded by the new rulers which presupposes that most of the master builders, artisans and technicians could have perished with their master's honors.

It is as well important to be mindful of the fact that rulers destroyed all their secrets and their source of power before they make their final decent and it is easy to assume who and what would be their target before their ultimate departure. The new rulers would have inherited neither the skill and the wealth nor the builders, the artisans and the technicians to continue on the accomplishments of their predecessors. Thus these shining accomplishments remained shining discreet spots that began and ended at the same place seeming to luck a beginning and continuity making us look for their source at all places at time. The social amnesias that are prevalent in those places are both real and mythical. they are real because those accomplishments are may be from nowhere and by nobody other than early dwellers of those places whose decedents are there and may be every where and anywhere. It could be a myth because they may have been gone for good never to be known with certainty and accuracy that we all could accept and agree on, but just theorize, speculate and search for quite a long time in the future funny enough the future that would take us only to the past and beyond.


Source by Ayele Teklemariam