Are They Real? Breaking Free From Scary Intrusive Thoughts That Drive Anxiety


I have to guess as to what you really, exactly mean but I'm going to presume you mean something along the lines of 'do they mean anything? Or 'are they true'? Or 'Is this who I really am?'

In that context, NO, the thoughts are not real. They are just thoughts that have no real meaning on any level. They are not real on a conscious or a subconscious level. They are just some particular thoughts, or even just one particular thought that crossed your mind and gave you a jolt of fear when you were in an anxiety state.

Now, here's where they are real. Your body thinks they are real. No, you are not going to lose control of your bodily functions and act out on whatever your brand of intrusive thoughts is. I mean, your body is reacting to extreme fear just the way it's supposed to. You see, your body does not know if something is fear from imaging something or seeing something. Your body reacts the same way. Adrenaline picks up. Your fight or flight reactions kick in. Blood flows from your head and other organs and systems that aren't needed for fighting or running away.

Back in the cave man days, we needed those reactions to either fight that saber tooth tiger or run away from it. All of your energies are diverted to your hands and legs because those are the functions that are going to save you.

And this is why facing your fears and letting your body go through with its physiological response is a key to recovery from anxiety and even panic attacks. When you sit there are tell your body to do its worst you are also telling your body you aren't afraid. Your body interprets this as 'there's nothing to fear here, carry on.' And then all those symptoms and feelings that are freaking you out, fade away.

It takes time though. It takes time for your to prove to your anxiety brain that there's nothing really to fear here. Everything is okay. You don't have to stand at the door like a watch dog

You can also find a safe haven at within the private Facebook Group call Intrusive Thoughts OCD Answers … and Peace! You are welcome to join. If you have no one to talk to, or you're too ashamed to say anything to anyone, including a doctor, you'll be comfortable here.


Source by Derek J Patterson