Are You Refining or Radiating?


Trust The God In You

During the refining stages of my life and career. I've had to always trust what God was saying to me, saying to my spirit. Even when others couldn't see my vision or what God was showing me. I had to believe he was preparing me for something greater. I've always passed on encouragement to others to fulfill their vision and / or purpose. However, I was too shy to stand in the spotlight on my own.

Once I was refined and then learned that I was never standing alone. Because God sent the Holy Spirit to stand with me. Now I understand when people see me they see the God in me. Finally, I'm OK with shining! Therefore, no matter what phase of life you're in TRUST THE GOD IN YOU! If you are in the refining stage, know you will come out as pure gold. If you are in the shining stage GOD's LOVE RADIATES! Nothing shines brighter than love because God is LOVE!

Let's See If You Are Refining or Radiating?

Do you constantly find yourself in transition?

Do you often wonder what's my purpose?

Do you ask yourself what's happening? I keep going two steps forward to take three steps backward.

Do you feel stuck? Or feel like you're at a standstill?

If you answered Yes. Then you are being refined. Don't be discouraged! Refining means: improve (something) by making small changes, in particular, make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate. Even God's best like Moses had to be refined. Anytime you are taken to the summit place in your life. That's a refining stage. It can be challenging but you can exceed this stage by doing the following:

Meditate through mindfulness and meditate on the word. Simply put be still and feed your faith.

If you answered No. Then you are radiating! You are emitting energy and light to others. This stage is great just like refining. However, you have to remember to set aside some time for self-care. People are constantly drawing from your energy. You have to set aside some God & Me time. By doing the following:

Meditate through mindfulness and meditate on the word. Simply put be still and feed your spirit.

Personally, I eat good word all day!

All day I receive good word through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other websites). For example, I sign up for scriptures, quotes and / or affirmations from positive people. This re-fuels me all day! As a Social Worker I'm giving of yourself daily and depending on the situation I can feel drained (emotionally and spiritually). Therefore, meditating and receiving good words daily. I stay RADIATING all day.

I hope you can take these words with you and enjoy refining or radiating!


Source by Ameshica Moore-Burris