Breathe Your Way Into Peace of Mind


Breath is the fundamental element of life. It’s more important than anything else we do. We are capable of going quite some time without food, and we can live for a week or so without water. Neither of these conditions is desirable or optimal, of course, but we can only live minutes without our breath. This is our entire life force and yet it is the one thing we most often take for granted.

Human beings are hard-wired with survival mechanisms that have allowed us to adapt and cope with hostile environments throughout our evolution. One of the most well-known survival techniques we share is the “fight or flight” response. Whenever there is an immediate physical danger, adrenalin and other stress hormones flood our system. Our minds are put on high alert and our breathing becomes more shallow. Once the danger has passed, our breathing becomes deeper and the body relaxes once again.

The problem is that in our modern fast-paced society, many of us live in a constant state of “fight or flight”. We constantly worry about our bills, our families, our relationships, etc. This can lead to anxiety, insomnia, constant “mind chatter”, and a myriad of other maladies.

Of course we’ve all heard the answer to attaining a calm and relaxed body and mind is through modalities such as meditation. And while this is certainly true, most people find the most difficult part of meditating is turning off the mind chatter. Most of us find that as we attempt to meditate we are going around and around in our heads thinking of what we need to do next and getting frustrated because we simply cannot relax.

Source Wave Breath is a technique developed by David Harrison, a certified Master of Breatherapy. This breathing technique helps to quiet the mind so that you can discover what true stillness actually feels like. It allows you to fully realize the self-awareness that meditation can provide.

This system is amazingly effective for releasing stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. It allows you to dissolve mental blocks and obstacles and increases mental clarity.

With the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us are accustomed to living, this type of breath work is extremely therapeutic. Meditation is wonderful, however, if we are unable to relax and quiet the mind the benefits are greatly reduced.

Most people report a dramatic change after only one session. Discover what true peace of mind really feels like with Source Wave Breath.


Source by Lisa E Miller