Challenges of Walking Alone


Possibilities and Despair

With so much going on around us it is difficult to stop. We must keep up the pace to stay in front. These challenges our dealt with the consistent voice of our ego to press on.

As such, we consistently seek to keep up with the Jones’, comparing ourselves to what is outside of us. And at these moments in time we often experience frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness. We just can’t get past go(!)

Certainly, at one time or another we have these experience. One step forward and one step back. Trudging through life with days of exhilaration and then despair. Moving through these challenges of each day where on day we feel elated to downright miserable.

There is always light inside these darker days. Staying in the dark is often easier – less challenging – than acceptance. Even in those lost moments, there is still hope. There are still possibilities and chances to access answers to those pressing questions.

Where will we feel motivation to move on and experience the enthusiasm once again?

Perhaps in this greatest pain – there is no reason and to only image the lack of what you cannot see.

Challenges We Face

Confidence and assertion is part of this and can help us to improve. However, some people are getting too far into the old ways of dealing with challenges and end up being arrogant pushing with tactics that do not serve.

Getting stuff off our chests lighten the heaviness of troubles. But, even if we have lost the initiative during the path to success, do not feel that you have already lost all hope.

Walking Alone

Awakening to inner wisdom has been described as a feast, an encounter with a teacher, opening up a new gate into a new world meeting the direct sight of your true self.

We are not here just to live an ordinary life, pay bills and then leave this great planet. We are here to experience a higher purpose, to find our inner wisdom. Liberation is where we can grow and learn. to create the good things around us and to gather knowledge and experience life. And at the same time experience and learn from the mis-takes or failures in life.

You may lose one battle, but you can still win the war. With an attitude of hope, sooner or later, you will get back on the saddle and be the person that you have always wanted to be.

Remember you are not walking your path alone.

Take time to reflect and know yourself; to figure it out what you really want, what makes you happy and fulfilled, and what calms you down at the end of the day.

Ask the questions, quite the mind and listen to the answers.


Source by Reeny Carvotta Barron