Create a Self Improvement Contract – Self Help Technique # 44


Many folks use different techniques to help them win in life and accomplish goals and whereas, the technique of drawing up a contract with yourself is not for everyone, it may be something that works for you. Thus, I’d like to briefly explain this self help technique and allow you to be the judge. It does not work for everyone, but most of the folks that have used, do recommend it.

So, how does one create a self improvement contract? Well, it is like a legal agreement or you might think of it as a documented affirmation. In fact, it’s best to set it up just like a business agreement or contract with a preamble and everything.

So how might you draw up a contract that you will sign that is between yourself and yourself? First of all, find a simple contract online and put your name on both sides of the contract at the bottom. Next, in your preamble you might write something like;

  • Whereas, I wish to become a stronger and better person
  • Whereas, I wish to become a better student
  • Whereas, I wish to do the best I can add everything I do

And under that in the contract, you might state; I hereby a agree to;

  1. Honor all my promises
  2. A stand for integrity
  3. Stay on pace with my study goals

And mind you, your self improvement contract with yourself can be anything that you wish to be and it is between yourself and yourself. If you will sign and date this contract and even attach a schedule of your goals both long and interim to the contract, you may find yourself honoring your personal commitment to follow through. So, please think on this.


Source by Lance Winslow