Dating: Is It A Good Sign If Someone Is ‘Spiritual?’


If one has the desire to meet someone who is spiritual, it could show that they are also spiritual. At the same time, it could be said that regardless of whether one sees themselves as spiritual or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they are spiritual.

It is then not that some people are spiritual and some people aren’t, it is that some people are aware of their true nature and some people are not. But with that aside, one is likely to have a clear idea about what someone needs to be like.

The Requirements

This could mean that they want to be with someone who is in tune with themselves, is loving and kind, cares about the world, and has a certain amount of empathy, for instance. They may also have the desire to be with someone who is onto different practises and has learned different techniques, such as: mediation or tarot reading.

The traits that they are looking for in someone else could be a reflection of what they are like. When they come into contact with someone like this, they could believe that they have met “the one”.

Another Experience

At the same time, one could come into contact with someone who is ‘spiritual’ even though they are not looking to be with someone like this. In the beginning, they might not know what to think about them.

But due to what they say, and how they come across, one could believe that this person is right for them. Additionally, the people in their life could also believe that one has met their match.

Onwards and Upwards

As the days go by, it could be clear that they have made the right decision, and this might come as a surprise. That is, of course, if they were not looking to be with someone who is ‘spiritual’.

Yet, if they set out to meet someone like this, they are less likely to be surprised by how well it is going with this person. In this case, it could seem as though they have met their ‘soul mate’.

Looking Back

If one was consciously looking for someone who is ‘spiritual’, it could mean that they have been with people like this in the past. This would then have given them the belief that people like this are a good match for them.

On the other hand, if one wasn’t looking for someone like this, they might not have come across anyone like this in the past. Through having an open mind, it allowed them to embrace the opportunity that had been placed in front of them.

A Different Outcome

Alternatively, one could end up with someone like this and they could soon be in for a surprise. It then won’t matter if they wanted to be with someone who is ‘spiritual’ or not, as they could find it hard to understand what is going on.

Therefore, if one was looking for someone who is ‘spiritual’, the outlook that they had at the beginning is not going to match up with the outlook they have as time goes by. But even if one wasn’t looking for someone who is ‘spiritual’, they will also notice a difference.

An Act

One could find that even though this person said that they were ‘spiritual’, they are actually no different to anyone else who they have been with. This could mean that they will have all kinds of issues that they haven’t dealt with.

Thus, in the same way that someone can wear white to look pure and enlightened, this person will have created an identity that allows them to create the impression that they are different, and even special. When in reality, they are simply going to be running away from themselves, whilst looking good in the process.

Reading between the Lines

What one might then come to see is that even though someone describes themselves as ‘spiritual’ and engages in different practices, it doesn’t really mean anything. Being this way can be similar to someone who goes to church every Sunday and looks like a ‘good’ citizen, but who comes home every night and harms his/her partner and/or who abuses their children.

Ultimately, it is a false-self that someone has created to not only lie to others, but to lie to themselves. Being ‘spiritual’ is easy, what isn’t easy is for someone to work through their own pain.

Two Sides

After this, one could feel let down and as though they have been taken advantage of, thereby causing them to feel like a victim. What this is not going to do is to allow one to move forward and to change their life.

Another approach would be for them to look into why they ended up with someone like this. This person could be mirroring back what one needs to work on within themselves.

For Example

Let’s say that one was verbally abused by this person and this resulted in them feeling worthless. There is the chance that one already felt this way to begin with, which is why they were attracted to someone like this.

Or, one may have found that the other person was distant or emotionally unavailable, which might have caused them to feel rejected and/or abandoned. Once again, this could be an emotional experience that has been with them for quite some time.


If one can relate to this, and they want to deal with the pain that is within them, it might be a good idea for them to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by a therapist or a healer.


Source by Oliver JR Cooper