Deadly Tornadoes Across the US – What Can We Do To Prepare Ourselves Properly?


The rate of Deadly tornadoes in the US has gone up shockingly in the last several years. What can be done to reduce the severity of these deadly tornadoes? Glen B. Stewart is father of hurricane reduction technology may provide the answer. his work has earned global acclaim on six continents for protecting ourselves from deadly hurricane disasters.

How can a human being possibly lessen severe effects of a deadly hurricane? It is a question involving Ancient civilizations to fully understand. Many of you heard of Dr. Joe Vitale as well as the movie The Secret. The Law of Attraction was arguably the best insight to be gleaned from the entire movie. I've known Dr. Joe Vitale for about 5 1/2 years through e-mails and occasional phone conversation. Joe indirectly offered the idea of ​​what can be done with some of my extensive mind over matter research.

Joe Vitale mentioned a forward thinking study in a now pivotal e-mail. There were 19 scientific studies about a group of humans focusing on a positive intention. This group can actually manifest peaceful harmonics and positively influence a city. These landmark results were proven using transcendental meditation to create a more peaceful society. one case study was demonstrated in Washington, DC and as a result the crime rate was remarkably reduced

About three years ago the US was faced with a deadly category five hurricane named Hurricane Rita. A category five hurricane means that group be sustained winds were 165 miles an hour or over. Rita was every bit of it

Help me stop Rita was Dr. Joe Vitale's emotional outcry in his e-mail with only a day before hurricane Rita was predicted to hit Houston, Texas. Joeis initial concern was to calm down everyone that was freaking out and trying to leave the city and his e-mail he basically asked myself and others to manifest peacefulness towards the area.

I however saw a far deeper need to reach out and help the people. I combined Law of Attraction principles with meditation, energy cultivation, and mind over matter techniques. Reiki, Ki. Chi, Crystals and other approaches. A direct reduction in deadly hurricane force winds was my focused intention as I directed myself into a higher harmonic state of mind.

Perhaps the most unseen beauty amongst this milestone in mankind is the fact that helping heal mother nature of turbulent energy – also has a healing effect on yourself as well. This evolutionary Mind Body Spirit training is called the One With The Winds workshop.

Reducing Hurricane Rita was a tough one. The weather Channel in fact reported that Rita had more strength than the deadly Perfect Storm of 1991.

Reducing deadly hurricane are deadly tornado damage is also a goal as we have more successful students. This one will require more local citizen coverage. The most difficult parts of successfully reducing a tornado is the fact there is virtually no warning. A hurricane you may see building for a week.

In Holistic Medicine there is a very specialized form of healing. This form of healing is known as energy healing. It energy healing involves several overlapping philosophies with origins going back thousands of years. An even more advanced form of healing is known as distance healing. I applied the principle of Distance healing my hurricane reduction successes.

Finally I combined all of my research and training with the principle of distance healing and Stewartis principle of synchronized healers manifesting globally. This exciting series of breakthroughs in recently discovered human abilities I termed Mankind 2.0.

How can the average person take advantage of this Stewart principle? I Highly Recommend 2 websites to check out in my resource box below. Glen B. Stewart.


Source by Glen Stewart