Deep Zen – What is It?


Meditation is a way to observe peace and unity within oneself. It has been often touted as a remedy to many ailments, and therefore it is no wonder that people in most urban developments have started embracing meditation as a way of life. Recently, after much research and extensive study into the manifold benefits of the art of meditation, various methods have also been explored. Some of them are:

• Zen Meditation
• Healing Meditation
• Transcendental Style Of Meditation
• Hindu Meditation
• Mantra Meditation
Moving Meditation
• Passive Meditation
• Candle Light Meditation

Perhaps, the greatest benefit afforded by all these forms of meditation is to afford a relief from stress. Modern life is bound inextricably with tension-be it at home or work place. The only solution to deal with these emergencies is to strengthen oneself from within. Once this has been successfully established, you need not fear distress anymore.

One form of mediation that has spread like wildfire over the past few years is the Zen meditation. It originates from the practices of eastern Buddhism, and is said to cultivate the human mind by honing its concentration power. Monks practiced it in order to introspect on divinity. Why do ordinary people like you and me practice it these days? Well, the answer is simple-to fight the worries and obstacles presented to us on a daily basis. Life is filled with hurdles, and as we have asserted earlier, you must make yourself stronger both emotionally and mentally in order to survive.

There are few facts about this type of meditation that you must know about:

• Zen meditation is called 'Zazen', which means the study of oneself. There are a few exercises that are indispensable when it comes to Zen- both physical as well as mental.

• One has to be aware of one's breathing while practicing Zen meditation. You must be aware of inhaling and exhaling. Each inhalation must be deep, simultaneously reminding you of every part of your body, while during exhalation you must relax your body as far as you can.

• Think positively: about happy memories, about your goals and objectives. You must start being happy about your life and your senses of sight, touch, taste and smell. Exult!

• Meditation must not be subjected to formal rules and regulations. It must be intuitive and personal. It depends upon your state of mind. Follow those techniques that you are comfortable with.

Certain audio programs that promise to relax your mind are also available in the market, 'Deep Zen Meditation' being one of them. Technology has indeed developed to a large extent, and this is a valid example. This audio program asserts that it can provide your mind with peace by affecting the auditory system of the brain.

It is as easy as plugging in your headphones and listening to the audio program. It promises that within a few minutes, you will reach a deep state of meditation. This is caused by making sure that the dominant brain wave pattern at the desired frequency, ie the frequency of the program. Soon enough, you will be able to tackle all anxiety attacks and experience lower levels of stress- all thanks to such a revolutionary and unique product.


Source by Warren Marion