Easeology – Work Smarter, Not Harder Now!


The main way to be able to apply easeology to be able to work smarter instead of harder is to begin meditating on a daily basis. This will put you in flow; you will be able to produce and create easily and effortlessly. My recommendation to all people is to meditate daily in the morning before eating. Now, if you want to compress time mediate 2 – 3 times a day. Mediate in the morning before breakfast, at lunch before eating and at dinnertime before eating. Meditating 3 times a day will compress time for you in your enterprise and assist you in having a laser focus. I guarantee you when you mediate first thing in the morning before coffee and breakfast it will jumpstart you business for the day and it will guarantee you a higher quality production day.

So, what should you meditate on may be your question. I recommend that you meditate on the lifestyle you are called to live. Remember, what you focus on expands. What you think about you bring about. Your most dominant thought held in mind over time with belief will manifest itself on the physical plain of reality.

Energy is everything in the Universe and all can be created with easeology. All power is from within and is therefore under your own control. You control your thoughts therefore you can control your vision of possibilities during meditation. Your thoughts will lead to feelings and your feelings will lead to action. Your actions will lead to the results you seek.

If you can create what you want in your mind’s eye, if you can see it, dream it, visualize it with faith and belief it, it will create itself on the physical plain of reality with ease. Your most dominant thought with passion will create itself fast and easy. When you mediate on your most passionate dominant thought, which you are called to create, it will compress time. When you know what you desire and focus on your vision then the “how to’s” will come. Your why, and your desires are more important than the “how to’s”. Your “why” is the foundation to your future. Once you have clearly identified your “why” then you are required to meditate on it daily in order to compress time and work smarter instead of harder.

When you apply easeology to your life and work smarter not harder your results will be attracted to you effortlessly. When you apply this simple technique of meditation on a daily basis you will be working smarter not harder. Start today, right now, in the moment, stop reading this article and apply what I have suggested to you. When you begin meditating daily right now you are taking command of your life and beginning the process of working smarter not harder.


Source by Barbara S Williams