EFT and Love: How EFT Can Help You Find Love This Valentine’s Day


When you believe you are unworthy of love, it's not surprising your life is full of people who agree with you. However, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help you dramatically change your experience and, as a result, find a loving partner.

As we grow and develop we also build an internal map of the world and how it works. This is often described as "the writing on our inner walls." We look around and see that other people manage to find good, loving, lasting relationships but sometimes, because of our experiences in the past, we can build an inner map of the world where that is just not possible for us.

The good news is that these inner maps – the psychological term for them is "schemas" – can be rewritten with EFT.

Imagine a scenario where you have everything you want from your closest relationship: love, trust, openness, security, excitement and fun. Imagine that's really possible for you.

If that visualization immediately brings up objections in your mind – a little voice that starts its sentences with "yes, but …" then EFT can help you turn your relationship experience around. With EFT tapping, we address the past, the present and the future of our relationships – or lack of them – redrawing our inner maps, clearing out old negative beliefs and creating new more positive ones.

First, we address the specific events that led to us constructing old negative beliefs about ourselves and our worthiness of love – the old emotional baggage and clutter. There might seem to be a lot of it, but with the help of a skilled practitioner, tapping on several of these specific events tends, after a while, to generalise to all of them. The reason for this is that as we have similar experiences, neurological connections build in our brains, forming bundles that become more and more dense as we repeat similar experiences. This is one of the ways that human beings learn so quickly. Unfortunately, when the lessons are negative emotional experiences, the neurological connections built from past experiences all pulse together and our relationship patterns seem to become worse and worse over time.

However, when using EFT to release emotional clutter, the bundles become less dense and, after addressing a few of the biggest events, the bundles collapse and the connections are released, leaving the "inner walls" clear, so that we can then use EFT to tap in positive, relationship enhancing beliefs.

In this way EFT can open you up to loving yourself, accepting yourself as you are … and finding yourself surrounded by people who agree with you.


Source by Fiona McCallion