Emerald Stone Vedic Astrology


Out of all the gemstones which are found in the crust of the earth, Emeralds are one of the most beautiful and costliest ones. These green colored stones are one of the four precious gemstones and are known for their mesmeric charm. Just like the green color review peace, serenity and nature; these Emeralds reflect the same beauty with their green hue.

Emerald is also known by the name of " Panna Stone ". This precious gemstone is a green shaded variety of the mineral Beryl and derives its green luster from the presence of Chromium and at times Vanadium. Known by different names in the past, Emerald was called "Smardagus" (Green Gem) in Latin and "Marakata" (The Green of Growing Things) in Sanskrit. On the Moh's Scale of hardness, Emerald scores 7.5 to 8 out of 10. While it has such a score on the scale of hardness, still this gemstone is termed as poor due to its inclusions. The mining of this alluring gemstone is done in the countries of Zambia, Russia, Italy, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, USA, Madagascar, Somalia and Spain.

Emerald Stone Astrology:

• The Emerald Stone is known to be ruled by the planet Mercury, which bestows it with a number of transcendental properties.

• In wedlock, this magnificent gemstone increases the level of understanding and satisfaction between the couple, providing them with marital bliss.

• Wearing an Emerald is very beneficial for the business persons as this gemstone has the power to ladder the business of the wearer to the new extremities. Also, this gemstone has a unique property to attract the money towards the wearer, enhancing the income.

• The planet Mercury represents knowledge and wisdom, this power is vested in the Emerald gemstone. Such a power helps the wearers in studying, memorizing and recalling the studied material, concentrating and excelling the academics.

• The people who are in the field of singing, music and studies, this gemstone is extremely beneficial as it is believed to open doors to the Goddess Sarasvati.

• If a pregnant woman wears it, the Emerald Stone Benefits by reducing the labor pain and complexities of the child birth.

• Medically, Emerald Gemstone is beneficial in ailments like paralysis, cancer, ulcers, cough, meningitis, asthma, eye problems, stammering, hypertension and amnesia. Also, wearing this stone makes skin smooth and shiny.

• One of the best powers of the Emerald Stone is that it protects the wearer from tracking sins and also from evil spirits & dark magic.


Source by Shashank Neekhra