Energising the Body With the Heart Chakra!


Every being who inhabits this universe, is made up of energy! This energy is electro-magnetic and each being has a slightly different wavelength. Have you ever heard someone say “Your on my wavelength!”? We have a physical body, a mind and a soul. There is also a very important other aspect to the being, the Hara. This is the centre of the emotions and has a unique energy within us. There are layers of energy to the body and the Hara is closest to the centre around the Core Star. We are all centred energetically from the Heart Chakra, the energy of our emotional self. The “Chakra”s are spinning vortices of energy in the being and are full of coloured light. We are light beings! Each Chakra is aligned to an aspect of the being and can be energised to heal the body, mind and soul. They act like sheaths of energy over the whole being including the centre, the Hara and form the Aura!

To bring happiness to your life your Hara and Heart Chakra need to be healed of all negative emotions. To bring healing to either of these you can use the crystal Rose Quartz which has powerful effects on trauma we have experienced and helps us love ourselves again. By holding the crystal in the left hand and feeling it’s energy flowing through the being, we can heal. I say the “left” hand because the left is the receptive aspect of the body.

You can also heal by energising the Heart Chakra through meditation:

  • By feeling the energy of your heart flowing through you and focussing on the energy, you can energise the Heart Chakra! Using positive affirmations such as “I Love my world!” would help greatly! The colour of this Chakra is green and the best way to bring this colour into your life is by taking a walk in nature where you see the green grass and the green leaves on the trees.
  • The heart chakra will energise the other Chakras too, in meditation pray that your heart is protecting your being and the Solar Plexus Chakra will be activated! An affirmation here would be “I protect my world!” As the aspect of the being that protects us, the brighter this Chakra, the more protected you will feel. The colour of this Chakra is yellow and by bringing yellow into your life through clothes, decorations of your home or eating yellow foods you can help energise! Spring can be a good time for this colour in nature as there are many yellow flowers around.
  • By praying the heart nurtures your being, the Sacral Chakra will be activated! Please pray an affirmation relative to your own world here such as “I nurture my relationships with my family and friends!”, “I nurture my children!”, “I nurture my pets and my garden!” The centre of our nurturing aspect, the Sacral Chakra, is the colour Orange, which is also related to creativity and so perhaps another affirmation to add would be “I feel creative”. Try planting orange flowers in your garden or as houseplants and bringing orange into your life!
  • To activate the Base Chakra, the grounding energy of Mother Earth, you need to pray your heart is loving the Mother Earth and the affirmation “I love the Great Mother Earth!” The colour of this Chakra is red and this is a strong colour. Too much in a home is not recommended in Feng Shui so keep this to gentle tones of red such as raspberry, scarlet or burgundy. Adding features such as roses in a vase or other flowers or by visiting poppies in a field are a good idea.
  • You always begin to activate the Chakras by grounding yourself, by working through the lower Chakras. Now we can begin to activate the higher chakras to reach the Universe, the next is the Throat Chakra, this is the centre of communication and by praying you communicate with love and understanding you will find this Chakra energised. An affirmation here could be ” I speak and understand with love in my heart!” The best way to bring the colour of this Chakra, turquoise, into your life is by looking at the sky!
  • The Brow Chakra is the centre of the mindful awareness of the being and the Mind has two aspects, the logic and thought and the intuition. Different kinds of awareness and both essential to the being. To activate this Chakra you need to pray you think and feel with love and make this same affirmation “I think and feel with love!” The colour indigo is a lovely colour to have around the home and as this is the colour of the Brow Chakra it will help aid energising this Chakra.
  • The Crown Chakra is relative to your prayers and spirituality. It is easy to activate this chakra by praying my spirituality is of love. An affirmation of the same would be good. To bring the colour of the Chakra into your life it would be violet. Flowers, clothes or decorations or even a violet voile at the window to shine violet light into the room would be good.

After all the Chakras are aligned you will feel a great difference in your energy!


Source by Johanna Rowe