Feeling Irritated and Judgmental? How to Find Clarity and Compassion


This post is part 3 of a 3-part series on raising your vibration, so you can live with more energy, peace, health, love, joy, wisdom, and abundance-so you can be a powerful, positive, transforming presence in our world.

Step One is increasing your energetic charge, increasing the amount of energy you have. If you are tired and depleted, you have little energy to give and no energy to cultivate a higher frequency of being in this world. Step Two is to recognize and release the tensions which interfere with the smooth and joyful flow of this energy through your body, heart, and mind. In this article, we'll explore Step Three-elevating the quality or frequency of your energetic vibration.

Your Energetic Vibration Shapes Your Experience

Your overall energetic vibration is the sum total of where you are coming from at this moment-the thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions you are engaged in right now. The frequency of your energetic vibration shapes how you see the world, how you see others, and how you see yourself and your possibilities at this moment. You'll notice I've added "at this moment" to this description. This is because your energetic frequency is variable-it shifts from moment to moment depending on what you focus on and how you relate to it.

For example, if you look through a lens of fear and judgment, you'll notice evidence to back up this point of view. You'll see the world as a threatening place to be and anything that is different from you as a threat to your point of view. As a result, you are likely to feel irritated and react defensively, combatively, and judgmentally. You're likely to focus on defending your own safety by sticking to who you know, what you know, and the comfort zone of known habitual behaviors. In a certain sense this feels safe-even if it leads to more fear, tension, and conflict.

In contrast, if you look through a lens of appreciation, gratitude, and trust, you'll notice evidence to back up this point of view. You'll see the world as an interplay of diverse possibilities guided by benevolent forces greater than your own. You're likely to welcome different perspectives, people, beings, and points of view as teachers who can widen your perspective and expand your consciousness. Instead of otherness being a threat, it's an invitation to heal from your own past pain that leads to defensiveness. It opens you to forgiveness and compassion.

While your energetic vibration is variable, you also have a baseline state-a vibratory frequency in which you tend to rest. This is your dominant energetic frequency, which is how you tend to look at life and to which you tend to return. In order to more significantly and permanently raise your vibration, you need to shift this baseline frequency-and this takes practice. Like anything you want to grow in life, you need to repeatedly inhabit your desired energetic frequency until it becomes your new normal-the state you tend to rest in and return to.

In my experience, there are two related practices which take you there:

1) Cultivating open, clear, spacious awareness

2) Inhabiting specific, higher, energetic frequencies

Let's explore what each of these means and how to practice them.

Open Clear Spacious Awareness

If you're feeling fearful, irritated, and judgmental, it's not likely you can just decide to feel trusting, compassionate, and loving. That would be like having a muddy stream and adding bright food coloring to it. You're just going to get a muddy version of whatever color you add. Before you add color, you must first clean and clear the stream.

First, it's important to recognize and acknowledge your current perspective. Notice what you are thinking, how this is making you feel and act, and the results of this way of being. Is this the way you want to live?

If not, you can decide to set aside your current perspective for a moment, so you can explore other possibilities. You can momentarily let go of how you think things are, so you can entertain alternatives. With this decision in place, it's time to clean and clear your stream.

Here's a simple practice. Take several moments to fully experience each step:

1. Sit comfortably upright with the soles of your feet on the ground and parallel with each other. Rest your hands cupped in your lap in a receptive posture. Commit to adopt a mindful attitude for this practice: paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally-like a curious observer.

2. Take a few, slow, deep breaths, imagining your whole body fills up when you inhale and your whole body empties out as you exhale.

3. Let go of your breathing and feel your body as a whole from the inside. See if it's possible to feel the entire space inside your skin. Allow a feeling of open, clear, spacious awareness to spread out through your whole body. Allow any thoughts, feelings, or sensations to dissolve in this open, clear, space. Allow this space to expand to include the space around you …

4. As continue to experience the open, clear space, listen to the silence underneath all sounds within this space … Then, feel the stillness underneath all movement within this space …

5. Within this open, clear space ask, "Who is aware of this space?" See if it's possible to become aware of the act of awareness itself. Become aware of Awareness.

Now, keep in mind that this is a practice. It is something you will get more skillful at the more you experiment with it. At first, you may have momentary glimpses of this experience. As you have this glimpse, see if you can sink deeper into this and become completely absorbed in it.

When you are ready to move to the second practice, first take a moment to mindfully notice how you feel. Do you feel even a little more relaxed, open, clear, and spacious than when you began?

Inhabiting Specific, Higher, Energetic Frequencies

Now that you've practiced cleaning and clearing your stream, it's time to inhabit a higher energetic frequency. I suggest any one of the following: appreciation, gratitude, trust, love, compassion, peace, light, or joy. Pick one you'd like to experience and explore now.

Here's the practice:

1. Return to the experience of open, clear, spacious awareness. If you need to refresh any of the steps above, you can do so.

2. Call to mind the higher energetic frequency you want to experience. Say to yourself, "I welcome ___ now."

3. Call to mind an image which represents this state of being to you. What's the first image that comes to mind when you think of your desired energetic frequency? Bring this image into your heart and allow it to rest here. Notice how this image makes you feel.

4. As you inhale, imagine you are breathing the feeling of this energetic frequency into your heart. As you exhale, imagine you are sending this energetic feeling outward into every cell of your body.

5. Let go of your breathing and soak in the sensation of this higher energetic frequency for as long as you want.

Notice how you feel …

As you engage in these two practices of "Open, Clear, Spacious Awareness" and "Inhabiting Higher Energetic Frequencies," you'll discover you can learn to choose where you are coming from. You can choose to raise your vibration and live from a higher energetic frequency.

I encourage you to use these two meditative practices daily. Perhaps you can incorporate them into your morning or bedtime routine? Soon you'll find yourself less and less gripped by fear, irritation, and judgment and more and more drawn to trust, compassion, and appreciation. You'll soon be living in a higher frequency vibration more and more of the time. As you do so, you'll contribute to the raising of consciousness of all beings and our whole planet.

Thank you for your practice!


Source by Kevin Schoeninger