FHA 203K Loan Makes Financing a Home in Need of Repairs Simple


The FHA 203K loan is a type of financing that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. It is a unique type of financing that allows homeowners to obtain both a purchase loan and rehabilitation financing in the same transaction. Before this transcendent loan program, a homeowner had to obtain an initial, temporary loan to purchase the home and a separate rehabilitation home loan to make any necessary repairs. Only after the repairs were complete could the homeowner gain permanent financing for their newly improved home.

FHA 203K: How does it work?

The FHA 203K loan was designed to streamline the process of buying a home in need of repairs. In order to provide funds for the repairs, the loan amount is based on an expected future appraised value that takes into consideration how much value the completed repairs will add to the current value. Up to $35,000 over the purchase price of the home can be financed into the loan to cover the cost of repairs.

The contractors chosen by the borrower to do the repairs will receive the money for their work in two draws. One draw is for 50% of the work and is disbursed at the beginning of the repairs while the remaining 50% will be disbursed after the work is completed. The repairs must begin within thirty days of the closing of the loan and must be completed within six months. The amount paid to the contractor(s) must be determined before the loan closes by obtaining written bids on material and labor costs. The homeowner can do the work himself provided that he is a licensed and bonded contractor.

What types of repairs will the FHA 203K cover?

Some of the repairs eligible to be completed with the funds from an FHA 203k loan include: roof replacement, electrical or plumbing work, kitchen remodeling, accessibility renovations, appliance purchases, and painting. Although many cosmetic renovations are allowed, luxury items and upgrades are not permitted. Also, any funds needed to repair to any detached structures, like sheds, swimming pools, and gazebos, may not be included in this loan amount.

FHA 203K: Qualifications

The FHA 203K program has the same types of eligibility requirements that exist on any FHA home loan. A homeowner must qualify on the basis of both credit and income to be eligible and the property must be FHA approved. As a general rule, the monthly mortgage payment cannot exceed 41% of the borrower’s monthly income and most lenders require at least a 620 credit score. Homes that qualify include: FHA-approved condos, 1-4 unit homes, and planned urban development homes (PUDs). The construction of the home must have been completed at least one year prior to financing in order for the home to qualify.

The FHA 203K program can be a great tool for any homeowner looking to renovate or repair his or her home. In a housing market that has seen foreclosures reach record highs, the FHA 203k loan can not only provide potential home owners with more opportunities to purchase a home, but can also help rebuild the housing market by facilitating the rehabilitation of foreclosed properties.


Source by Anne H Johnson