Free Astral Projection – Fly Away For Free!


Recently I've seen gotten a lot of questions about free astral projection, and how people who are interested in this totally transcendent phenomenon can learn to do it without a heavy investment. Of course I find this a little bit alarming, considering that by it's very nature, astral projection is the DEFINITION of free! There are no costs associated with the out of body experience, and while you certainly can pay a private coach, or attend a class on how you can integrate this into your own life, you most definitely can also have many exciting excursions on your own, without anything other than the will to practice, and the desire to project.

Remember, in this, just like any other spiritual field, there are honest, and dishonest teachers alike. Some without the very first clue will try to get you to pay for "lessons", and others will give generously with the purest intention of heart and spirit. You simply have to know where to look to make the right choices for you.

I do, of course recommend that you invest in brain entrainment audio, tapes and cd's, simply because they will aid and speed up the process by which you are able to project MUCH faster than otherwise. Simply stated, they are an invaluable tool in getting the novice OBE practitioner out of the body, and fast. But, even with this stated, when I first started years ago, I did not use them … and while it took me a little bit longer than it would have otherwise, I had many successful "trips" far before investing in these blissful and beneficial brain wave enhancement tools – and if you are on a very tight budget, so too can you!


Source by Amos Amsterdam