Full Spectrum Mindfulness – Perspectives of Human Conscious Stage Growth and Spiritual Awakening


World renown philosopher Ken Wilber, brilliantly combines the essential stages of Growing Up and Waking Up’, inspiring a fully integrated in depth understanding of our Human evolution developmental stages along with our Spiritual Awakening.

For the first time in history, these two growth stages have been brilliantly ‘Integrated’ to help achieve the highest fulfillment in both Human development and Spiritual Awakening. Sages have been writing Spiritual Wisdoms for 1000’s of years, but the Western psychology studies of Human developmental growth has only been around for the last 100 years.

Learning about the ‘Eight Human Developmental Stage Growth Levels’ will help you Identify the general degree of ‘Growth Development’ that some, including one’s own self, are operating at.

If you have ever wondered why people behave the way they do…

Why do certain people and occasionally ourselves, act so… Self-centered, egotistical or egocentric – They can only love themselves and cannot grasp the perspectives of others.

Why do certain groups of ‘Ethnocentric’ people only love ones in their group, but could not care less for all others.

The average person is generally operating at a certain stage level with a number of ‘traits’ above and below their main level perspective. Higher traits represent our best qualities, while lower traits represent ‘issues’ that have not been fully ‘transcended’. These ‘Disowned or Repressed’ issues, become what psychologists refer to as – ‘Shadow’ influences, or, ‘Hidden mental road maps’ of how we perceive, relate to, respond and interact with our ‘world’.

It is common to be frustrated with those that are acting out with lower stage level traits, or whole groups of people that are collectively operating at disturbingly lower stages. Human development stages are somewhat like levels of schooling. As a child grows up, their behavior develops in a reasonable manner that is consistent with the grade levels they are in. Never would you have a 12th grader expect a 1st grade class to know geometry or act like a 12th grader…

If we take this perspective towards those operating at lower stage levels, we can ‘stand back a bit’ and realize that that these people currently can’t help the way they act, they are stuck at these levels or slow to learn the wisdoms that will cure their ignorance and narrow minded behaviors.

The ‘thing’ about development stages, is that, you can’t skip stages, at best you can accelerate the learning curve, but patience, tolerance and understanding is all we can do while we wait for ‘Higher Inspirations’ to arise in the conscious of those at lower stages.

Developmental Growth Stages:

Level 1 Infrared – Archaic.

We all spend the first 18 months of our lives at this stage. We were collectively at this level 1.8 million years ago up to 200,000 years ago; a ‘food’ driven modus operando was the center of our existence.

Currently, a lot of people still have un-resolved ‘food’ issues with about 40% of the US population overweight with 30% obesely overweight, plus the untold amount of other ‘food’ disorders.

Level 2 Magenta – Magic Tribal.

Humans were at this level soon after we hopped down from the monkey trees around 200,000 years ago and began evolving up to the next level about 50,000 years ago.

We now typically begin this stage at around 18 months old and began evolving up to the next level around 3 or 4 years old.

Beginning to make that fundamental distinction between self and other on an emotional and feeling level, and so, one at this level can genuinely begin to tell the difference between its own self and its surroundings.

This stage, level 2, is often called “impulsive” or “magical” or “emotional-sexual” because the basic emotions especially start developing here along with the separate self. It’s called “impulsive” because it’s dominated by “immediate gratification”. It hasn’t had the chance to develop many control capacities, and so, any Desire that arises, it wants them fulfilled right now!

The Classic… “I Want what I Want and I Want It Now!”

Level 3 Red – Power Magic Mythic.

One becomes more and more aware of its tenuous separate existence, and starts to worry about its own safety, security and self-protection… after all, it’s now separate from the big bad world out there; as recourse, it develops a strong set of power drives.

This is often called the “self-protective,” “security,” “safety,” “power,” or “opportunistic” stage…

Whatever they want is what is right, and they set about to simply take it, society be damned, they are, after all… PowerGods.

It sees the world as a survival of the fittest; the biggest and strongest win; Do it to somebody else before they do it to you; it’s a law of the jungle, a dog-eat-dog world. This is what is called “narcissistic” or “egocentric,” which means the self is stuck in a 1st -person, “me/mine” perspective. It literally can’t yet take the role of another, it can’t put itself in somebody else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling… It can’t take a perspective other than its own.

Level 4 Amber – Mythic Traditional.

This next major stage of development, is also called the “conventional,” “conformist,” “mythic-membership,” “diplomat,” or “belongingness” stage.

The self can indeed begin to take the role of other, and thus, its identity can expand from its own self to belongingness in various groups-its family, its clan, its tribe, its nation, its religion, its political party, and so on…

Which is referred to as the switch from an “egocentric” to an “ethnocentric” identity. A switch from “me-focused” to “us-focused” or “group-focused.”

This is a very important switch. But, those in this stage are trapped in a vicious cycle that will perpetuate war, strife and dis-harmony with the strong mottos of most countries:

“My country right or wrong”.

“My religion right or wrong”.

“My ethnocentric narrow view against the world… Right or WRONG!!!!”

This level is stuck in this Divide and Conquer mentality – Very self-defeating and limiting Modus operandi.

Level 5 Orange – Rational Modern.

At this very next higher level, the emergence of the next higher perspective, a 3rd-person perspective, or the capacity to take an ‘Objective, Scientific, Universal Perspective’ and thus the switch in identity from a local ethnocentric identity, to a universal or global world centric identity occurs. A switch from “us”… to “all of us.”

This stage, is marked by A formal operational awareness. Thought operating on thought…

It is often referred with names such as reason, rationality, formal operational, conscientious, achievement, excellence, self-esteem…

Self-esteem needs emerge at this level because a 3rd-person perspective means the individual can stand back from themselves, so to speak, and form an objective opinion about themselves.

Level 6 Green – Pluralist Postmodern.

This stage was ushered in with the student revolutions of the ’60s. Starting in May, 1968, Paris, which then spread around the world and eventually fleshed out movements only barely begun with the Enlightenment, including the important Civil rights movement in America, The massive environmental movement Worldwide, feminism on a personal and professional level, and multiculturalism in general.

Where orange rational modernity introduced a 3rd-person perspective, this new stage-known variously as:

pluralistic, postmodern, relativistic, sensitive, individualistic, multicultural

came with the emergence of a 4th-person perspective…

The capacity to reflect on, and criticize, 3rd-person perspectives, including science. Leading to a multitude of different or pluralistic views.

And “Pluralism”- The belief in many different but equally important approaches to reality can be taken to its limit, where it becomes…

“Relativism”- The belief that there are only multiple approaches, with absolutely no universal or globally unified approaches-no “Big Pictures” that are true for everybody, just local, culturally constructed beliefs.

Here is where everyone’s opinion is considered equal…

But this begins to point out the self-contradicting and vicious cycle this stage is challenged with:

Hitler’s opinion is just a s valid a Mother Teresa, the town drunk’s opinion is equal to the Mayor’s…

We have Nukes so…

Terrorist and radical countries that hate us for mythic religious reasons, should have Nukes too…

“It’s only ‘fair'”.

There are no master opinions except ours that state there are no master opinions.

In short, they claim that it is universally true, that there are no universal truths. They give a very Big Picture about why all Big Pictures are not true. By claiming that theirs is a superior view…

But they also claim that there are no superior views anywhere.


So this tendency to self-contradiction has to be watched in any postmodern movement or idea Including if it shows up in you…

as we’ll see.

It creates a political correctness to a Fault.

Level 7 Turquoise – 2cd-Tier Integral

Only a few decades ago developmentalists began to notice the emerging of this ‘Highly Integrated Level’.

Abraham Maslow had called 1st tier – “deficiency needs”, and 2nd tier – “Being needs”.

The 1st -tier levels are – Partial, narrow, excluding, separative, and driven by deficiencies.

2nd-tier levels are – Inclusive, embracing, comprehensive, integral, and driven by abundance.

This is the end process of Tier One Growing Up.

This level represents the very highest structures of conscious that has evolved thus far.

At the same time – We are Spiritually approaching the end process of ‘Waking Up’.

Level 7 Turquoise Integral – Begins the 2cd-Tier of Human Conscious Awareness. This Turquoise Integral stage empowers one to fully utilize the strongest aspects of the previous stages, building creative and inspirational ways towards the benefit for All.

As we head down a new path of radically increasing:

Consciousness, love, care, concern, morality, creativity, solidarity, trust, universal human bonding and uniting…

Thus, opening the doors directly to an integral medicine that addresses the complete human, an integral education that educates across all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types, and thus educates the full and whole human being for the first time in all of our history; A unity-in-diversity that leads directly to opening the doors to a truly World Federation.

Not in a World Federation itself, but in each and every member state, organization, and partner.

Thinking and feeling are brought together and tightly integrated at this stage, so that both the head and the heart become equally important.

At this stage, “mind and body are both experiences of an integrated self”.

You will be inspired to view all things in a Global perspective. Gaining better wisdom of how all things are interwoven and to consider the most efficient solutions as Inspired by World-centric motivations.

Level 8 White – 3rd-Tier Super-Integral

The end process of ‘Level 7- Turquoise 2cd-Tier Integral’ is “Growing Up”. This represents the very highest structures of conscious that has evolved thus far. At the same time, we are Spiritually approaching the end process of, “Waking Up”.

We are naturally on a Path that will be moving from the ‘Pure Witnessing Awareness and True Self’, to beyond…

Towards the ever-present state of ‘Ultimate Nondual Unity Consciousness’.

The direct ‘Is-ness’ of this ever-present pure Now-moment, embracing all time, Past, Present, and Future In the ongoing endless ‘nunc stans’ or the all-embracing endless Present, and that pure timeless One Taste of unity consciousness.

This means…

The entire universe is arising within you. Supernovas are exploding in your brain; the stars light up the neurons of your awareness; the rain beats rhythm within the pulsing of your heart; the clouds float through the awareness of your own pure Consciousness; you swallow the Pacific Ocean in a single gulp, and enwrap the Kosmos in actual lining of your very own Being.


Welcome home!

If this loftily talk seems to be somewhere beyond your comprehension or understanding…

Then you are normal and like most, In fact:

Less than 1/10th of 1% of the world is truly at this Ultimate ‘Non-duel’ Spiritual perspective.

This level offers complete liberation from all pain and suffering and a pure contentedness that is undeterred by anything. For all the rest of us, with just a short stroll down this ‘Path’, we immediately feel like ‘we are on to something’… It feels natural in the simplest of ways, and we also immediately feel a subtle relief of our own pain and suffering… This subtle feeling becomes a very profound feeling, not too much further down this ‘Path’.


Source by Roger J Curley