Holosync Review – What to Expect From the Holosync Program


The Holosync solution is technological adjunct to Transcendental Meditation, a discipline practiced by millions of people world wide.

What Is It?

Holosync is a multi level system which employs special audio tracks to engage the user in a deeper meditative state when practiced according to the accompanying regimen.

Developed by Centerpoint Research Institute, the goal is to produce superior results in less time than ordinary Transcendental Mediation.

Most of what makes up traditional meditation is a series of mental and physical exercises designed to take the mind to the desired meditative level. This can be very time consuming, and requires hours each day committed solely to meditation.

Using a technology developed in the seventies, Holosync employs special audio tracks designed to produce brain wave patterns identical to those experienced by advanced meditation practitioners, without the years or training and discipline.

The technology is based on clinical studies performed on actual masters of meditation technique, analyzing their brain wave patterns when in deep meditation. This was used to help determine that a series of sounds could produce similar patterns.

In the Holosync Solution, these tonal patterns are woven into soothing background music, producing the alpha, beta, delta and theta wave reactions in the brain that are experienced during meditation. The expected (and advertised) results should be consistent with traditional meditation and Transcendental Meditation methods, including:

  • Improved emotional health and stability.
  • Improved concentration and cognitive skills.
  • Better and more restful sleep.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Naturally, even Holosync does not claim to accomplish in a single session what has taken others a lifetime to achieve. Like it’s competitors, Holosync’s graduated levels condition your mind and body over time to more quickly enter a meditative state.

This dovetails nicely with the entire focus of the transcendental meditation movement, which attempts to inject the benefits of the Zen and Indian meditation into the more eclectic and fast paced Western lifestyle.

But how well does this product achieve it’s stated goal, and how does it compare with the many competing systems available? Reviews of the Holosync program have appeared listing it’s benefits and warning of alleged shortcomings.

On the positive side:

  • Reviews of the Holosync Program confirm that it does impact the mental sate of the user and, if used correctly, will allow users to get the benefits of meditation with shorter and less frequent sessions than traditional meditation.
  • The program is based on a significant body of clinical research.
  • A large number of satisfied users support the claims of the Holosync web site.
  • Centerpointe product support is well rated in the reviews of the Holosync Program. They are listed as very knowledgeable and effective, and willing to help
  • you tailor the program to your specific lifestyle and result requirements.


  • Most reviews of the Holosync Program mention the price as a negative.
  • Each level is $157, more than three times that of at least one of it’s competitors.
  • The multi level structure of the program may make it more effective on a technical level, but paying for each level separately means a multi thousand dollar investment over time. And while the Centerpointe guarantee will refund the price of the original first level purchase, this offer does not extend to subsequent levels.
  • Comments have appeared that even took exception with the free demo. Though it included a short, diluted version of the audio track, the bulk of the CD was devoted to marketing and advertising.
  • Some people have reported significant and sometimes serious mood swings and depression when using this product.
  • This is a condition known as overwhelm. Holosync is causing changes to the neurological patterns in your brain, which can trigger emotional response.
  • While this might be explained as a normal side effect of trying to accelerate the meditation process, it still is as valid consideration. However, one of the reviews of the Holosync program in which this this issue was discussed asserted that, in time, the lows became less low and the highs more stable.
  • Centerpointe product support is available by phone to deal with this issue.
  • Other reviews of the Holosync program listed serious time commitment as a negative.
  • To maximize the effect of the system, Holosync requires daily 60 minute sessions. While this is far less than the three to six hours required by traditional disciplines, many still find this too much time to commit.
  • Holosync does have a regimen requiring daily 30 minute sessions, augmented by occasional full hour sessions during the week. This will naturally slow the process but still is said to produce good results.
  • Some reviews of the Holosync Program have sited high pressure sales and marketing techniques as a turn off. Not only are you encouraged to continue with additional levels of the Holosync Program, the products of other organizations who are in a marking partnership with Centerpointe are heavily advertised.

The bottom line is, despite the price, time commitments and reported side effects, the Holosync Program produces results. The consumer must evaluate whether the benefit exceeds the cost, or if another system would be more appropriate.


Source by Peter Hill