How to Ask Generative Questions As a Tool for Creating Your Future


Did you know that whenever we ask generative questions, we are shifting our vibrational frequency and opening the door to allow for new possibilities to occur on an energetic level that lets the universe show us more of what we would like our life to be?

What if you could easily get into the habit of using generative questions as a tool to consciously design the type of reality you really want – beyond what you've decided is possible?

Generative questions are the kind of questions that you ask in wonderment, non-judgement, and curiosity of what else is possible so you can co-create your future.

– I wonder how much fun can I have creating my future?

– How can this turn out better than anything I could have imagined?

– I wonder what new things can open up for me if I ask more questions?

– What can I add to my life today that would expand my life in many ways?

– What would it take for me to receive more of THAT energy?

With every "What if …" or "I wonder …" What would it take … "type of question, you're asking the infinite universe to show you something different, something more and beyond what your cognitive mind Is telling you is actually possible?

Because in any given moment, when you ask a question without any point of view attached or judgement / conclusion from a fixed point of view ie: this is "good" or "bad", you are energetically shifting the molecules of what gets manifested in your future.

Then, you learn to trust in what the divinely guided universe delivers, even if you didn't "ask for that" or don't understand why it's showing up, you'll learn to follow the energy.

Instead of having results only based on what has occurred in the past or based on our limited, low-vibrating, fixed points of view and also those of others. Looking to your past is not a reflection of what you can create in your future.

We are all so programmed to try to control and "figure out" situations thinking that's how it's going to go our way, but it doesn't usually work out that well … have you noticed?

Your underlying energy and vibrational frequency is what determines the physical molecular results because that's what is being communicated to the universe. What you want is to BE the energy of curiosity and wonder so it can deliver even greater things beyond what you thought was "right" or what you "thought" you wanted.

The vibrational interaction of our thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs is what activates the molecules that create our physical reality in every moment and we have the ability to consciously work with this fundamental force.

When faced with a specific situation we would like to change, it's best to stay neutral and acknowledge the current situation. Try asking questions from the space of … "OK, now what's next?", "OK, now what's possible?", "OK, what would it take for something better to show up?" Do not align or agree, resist and react, or judge it and get emotionally caught up. Instead, be in the question and be in allowance and non-judgement of what is showing up.

Just the simple fact that you're not settling for "it is what it is" and you are willing to ask the universe for something different can set new things into motion to support you and the unseen energy molecules can reconfigure in an instant – it's the basic principle of quantum physics.

It's a powerful tool to play with in your life, but also be mindful not to go into it with specific expectations like "fixing a problem" because that is just a judgment that will cut off your awareness and keep you stuck.

This practice takes persistence and a commitment to you to continue to ask questions and become more aware, and clearing energies that aren't you, as you continue to choose more and more and more with the universe to create the magic.

As you are getting into this new habit, you may struggle to find the words and often can't think of what to ask or ask questions in such a way that it isn't expansive and doesn't come from a lightness, but there is a special tool that can help you!

You can start now by getting the Top 20 Generative Questions MP3 for your mobile device and listen to it daily in under 3 minutes.


Source by Sandy Bidinger