How to Effectively Read a Self Help Book


Below are the easy to follow steps that will allow you to effectively read a self help book with ease. Follow these steps and you will see success.

Step 1

Take an hour each day. I suggest with any book, that a good solid hour each day to read through the material is a sufficient amount of time. This time will allow you the opportunity to do the following steps in an easier manner.

Step 2

Use a highlighter. Make sure to highlight all the parts you read in the book that are important to you. IF a sentence or paragraph really makes sense to you, and you want to remember it later when you go over the book again, highlight it. You can highlight as much as you want, but just use it as a reference for the future.

Step 3

Write in the margins. If there is something that you have a question about write it in the margin. If there is some section in the book that you really resonate with also write that out in the margin. The point is to make notes that you will want to remember and possibly start using in your daily life.

Step 4

After you have completed all these steps. Begin now to try to implement some of the things in the book that you really resonated with. If needed re-read the book, browsing through sections highlighted to act as a reminder for what you choose to work on and put your focus.


Source by Kevin Baker Jacinto