How To Enjoy Inner Rest in the Middle of Chaos


Hebrews 4:9 NLT (9) So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God.

There is supernatural, deep rest available for those who know the grace of Jesus. It is by resting in His love and grace that our lives become healthy, beautiful,and strong.

It’s not trying, but resting. It is not straining and worrying, but by resting that we prosper and experience the abundant life that God has provided for us. Learn to work on the outside while you rest on the inside. Let God’s Word of Grace wash your worries and anxieties away. It is a new type of therapy. It works. I have called it the therapy of grace.

The ancient text says that, “… there is a peace that surpasses our understanding.” Listen to Rest and Be Blessed and learn how to enjoy an inner peace even your conscious mind cannot comprehend. The letter that was written over 2,000 years ago to a group of retired soldiers in a city called Phillipi revealed that this super conscious rest will create a therapeutic effect on our conscious mind. Our frazzled minds often keep our hearts in a state of anxiety. Many don’t know how to escape the worry trap. Hard work doesn’t create inner fatigue. Inner fatigue is the result of worry, fear, and anxiety Even if you aren’t working.

Now there is a way out of the exhausting cycle of anxiety and exhaustion. We have learned a valuable ancient key to overcoming the hurry up sickness that so many of us have had. I have experienced it and I have watched others learn the secret and reclaim there lives.

Take your life back as you learn the secret of rest and be blessed. Many have tried eastern meditation and other religious practices. Others have tried home remedies such as aromatherapy, teas, and oils. Yet others have taken medications in order to experience rest and inner peace. The problem is that these don’t go deep enough. It is more than a mental adjustment, it is deeper than relaxing your body with aromas and oils. It is deeper than a religious ritual or penance. Although these are a nice way to relax they will never provide deep, restorative inner rest.

As I discovered this ancient secret of inner rest, I noticed that my body, my finances, my marriage, and my career began to take on a new life and vigor. I have come to realize that the more I rest on the inside the more productive I have become on the outside. It has been effortless change. Effortless effort is the only way I can describe this experience. The problem is that we have tried to solve this problem with what I call “WHAT Solutions“. We are looking for a thing or a “what” to give us deep internal rest. But I have discovered a “Who Solution“. When you discover the “Who”, you will experience the “What”.

For nearly 4,000 years we have lost our identity. We have forgotten WHO we are. As you discover your worth and value in the eyes of the one Who designed you, you will discover the missing link to the rest you have been craving. Rest is found in love. In realizing how deeply you are loved by the One who created you. You are loved unconditionally. When you do well and are nice, you are loved. When you fail and aren’t so nice you are loved.

As you realize the deep security of being loved by an infinite and almighty Creator you will begin to experience a deep and therapeutic rest. Experiencing WHO HE is and experiencing WHO you are in His eyes will create a deep, secure and satisfying rest. You will come to know that every challenge you face is no challenge the One Who loves you deeply and continuously. Rest and Be Blessed.


Source by Byron Mills