How to Experience That Everything Is One Consciousness in Meditation


In order to experience that everything is one consciousness in meditation, first we have to look at what is stopping you from experiencing oneness.

And what is stopping you is your thinking? Not really thinking itself but your identification with it. It is the perceiving this moment with your thoughts that stop you from feeling that everything is one consciousness.

When you define, describe or judge something, you have separated yourself from it. It is your thinking that separates you from everything else. It is what thinking is supposed to do. It is supposed to label and categorize everything it experiences. But in doing so, it gives the experience of an individual ‘you’ that is separate from everything else.

This does not mean you have to stop thinking all together in order to experience that everything is one consciousness. But if you do not have thoughts to define your experience in this moment, how do you experience this moment?

One way you experience this moment is awareness. And if you turn your attention to awareness without using thoughts to define your experience, then there is only awareness. There is nothing outside of awareness. There is only consciousness.

You might notice that there still is a feeling of separation in this. Because you are remaining in consciousness, but that consciousness does not touch the world, it remains transcendent of it.

And the moment you take part in the world again, there is separation. So where is that experience that everything is one consciousness?

The answer is, we look at the other way to experience that everything is one consciousness and that is through feeling. You simply have to relax your attention back into its more primal experience of feeling. Feeling is also awareness but it connects awareness with everything. It moves you directly into the experience of oneness in meditation.

When I say feeling, I am not referring to emotion, but actual feeling, how it feels to exist in this moment.

First, close your eyes in this moment and let your attention rest in the how it feels to exist in this moment, without labeling it, just feeling it.

This is not something you can do with thinking. It is more simple than thinking, you just feel into this moment. Without thinking, what is the experience of existing in this moment? Feel this experience.

If you do this, you will feel that everything is one consciousness because at the level of feeling, there is no separation from anything. Everything is just formless energy. Only in thinking, in defining does everything take on form and solidity. But with your eyes closed, when you feel yourself existing in this moment, everything is formless energy. Everything is felt as one consciousness.

The fastest and most effective way to experience that everything is one consciousness is through receiving Shakti. Shakti is the energy vibration of oneness, of enlightenment. So when you receive it, you directly feel formless energy as bliss. Then all you have to do is rest your attention in the bliss. The bliss itself awakens you into enlightenment.

In the past you could only receive Shakti from and enlightened teacher. But you can now also receive Shakti through sound. So simply by listening to some very unique meditation music, you receive Shakti which you can feel as bliss and this bliss meditates you. You can hear free samples of this Shakti Oneness Music by clicking here.


Source by Kip Mazuy