How to Fill the Void in Your Heart


The heart tells it when you have it. Void. Emptiness. Meaninglessness. Vacuum. They mean the same thing in concrete inner human experience. They mean the same experience of “nothing” or “hollow” within. As you go through it, you know that words lose their meaning before its paralyzing effect. And you know why. Because it is an undesirable state of being that makes you feel you are not living but just existing and surviving. I hope my words may mean something to you even if only to distract you from feeling your void. Let me attempt to make sense by expressing a few words on how to fill the void in your heart. I do this because I believe that like anyone else you deserve to live your life in its fullness.

You know that the universe hates void as you do. It always finds ways to fill empty spaces. As part of this vast universe, you are also enabled to fill void starting from your own. So, how can you fill that void within your heart? First, learn to recognize that you are a person with depth and serious search for meaning in life. You know and feel the void in you precisely because you are profound and in touch with your inner self. You feel that your way of being does not make you vibrant and alive. Not all are able to journey to the depth of their being and face oneself the way you do with yourself. Well, some do not even see the void in them but similarly feel its effects and even more.

You are a profound person and you know that. Now, try to identify what makes you feel that way. You know that every cause has a corresponding effect. What has caused your void?

Void is mainly caused by terrible loss and experience of inadequacy in life. When one loses someone or something that gives meaning, joy, security and self-realization, vacuum is created within. With this loss, life becomes empty without a point of reference and a common thread through all undertakings or an enriching relationship be it with oneself or significant others. The bigger the investment on the source of meaning, the more hollow the void is after its loss. Moreover, void is also experienced as one feels that something is missing or lacking in life. When core values are not lived and when potentials are not developed and expressed accordingly, everything else becomes superficial and meaningless. There is always a nagging inner longing for fulfillment and sense of satisfaction. Void is an indication that these needs are not met.

You do not have to live with that void for long. You cannot. Is it caused by a loss of something or someone you love dearly? If so, weep over it. Tell your confidantes what you feel. Express yourself the way you feel like doing without harming yourself or anybody. But do not keep that loss to yourself because it grows with the intensity of pain and emptiness. Void grows the more you focus on it. After the mourning period, find ways to move ahead and avoid dwelling in the past. You may allow grief for some time but know that it has to have a deadline. After the loss, you will set out in search of a new gain. Horizons are within reach and you will get there stronger and renewed. Feel whole again!

Are you searching for something to fill you deep within? Surely, pleasures arising from material possessions, wanton carnal expressions, public approvals and superficial engagements will not satisfy regardless of their seeming abundance because they do not correspond to matters of the heart. So, go back to your most important values in life and recover what you consider most precious in your life. Normally, the heart longs for an undying relationship with oneself, people and a higher being we call God. Whether in psychological, social or spiritual realm, you need to be in touch and be part of a secure relationship to allow you to be who you really are, the way you are and what you love to be. No masks, no excuses and no extra proofs needed. Or you know that you have a dream or mission to fulfill but have not lived it for one reason or another. Go after your dream and fulfill that mission! There is a way out though it is not easy especially if one is trapped in some hole, whatever that means. But void should not be an option in your life. Void is a reminder that you have to be fully you!

Finally, rejoice over that void in you! It is not bad at all. You may not have desired it. But it is leading you deeper into your essential needs to make you whole and complete. Once you discover them, begin eliminating the unnecessary stop gaps that hide the void in you. Simplify your life and live according to the deepest desire of your heart! Be whole and alive devoid of your void!


Source by Ramlit Navarro