How to Meditate for Beginners – Techniques on How to Meditate


When learning how to meditate the important thing is to start somewhere. You can always improve your meditation techniques once you’ve started but if you don’t apply any techniques on how to meditate then you’ve got nowhere.

So, the following are tips on how to meditate for beginners. Meditation experts will use the same techniques but they will likely apply them more often, so if you’re looking to learn how to deep meditate, you should start here first.

Make sure that you find a quiet place when you apply these techniques of how to meditate.

Find a place that you are unlikely to be disturbed. It could be a bedroom, a garden or an open space with plenty of fresh air. Gentle background noises while you answer the question “how does one learn to meditate” are fine. A running stream, bird song or even crickets chirping are fantastic background noises. The sound of cars racing along a highway is less likely to give you the sense of calmness while you learn how to meditate.

Once you’ve found your quiet place, you need to start to relax. One of the easiest ways I’ve found is to relax each part in the body in turn. Starting with your feet and working your way up to your head, slowly relax each part of your body. Then keep that part relaxed whilst you start relaxing the next body part.

This starting technique for how to meditate may take a bit of learning – generally we seem to have forgotten how to relax as we have learned how to cope with the busy modern world we live in.

Once you’ve reached the relaxed state, slowly close your eyes. Slow down your breathing. Obviously you should still breathe, but make each breath conscious. Take a long, slow deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Count each breath for a few seconds. A couple of seconds at first, then slowly increase the time. You’ll be surprised how soon you become relaxed when you consciously breathe. This is the start and is how many beginners learn how to meditate.

In this state, you can start to meditate. Just focus on one thing. It could be the sounds you hear in the distance, your breathing, anything that you’re comfortable with. The focus of your meditation may drift – that’s perfectly normal. When you sense a drift, just quietly bring your focus back. This is one of the simplest techniques of how to meditate that you can learn. Once you start to meditate this way, you’ll find it easier and easier to move into a state of meditation.

Often it’s the simplest techniques that work best. Don’t be fooled by these techniques on how to meditate, just because they are simple. Simple meditation techniques are often the best ones. Especially since they can be performed almost anywhere and at any time. So the next time you need to calm yourself down, practice one of these simple meditation techniques for a few quiet minutes. You’ll be amazed at how well they work!


Source by Trevor John