How to Stop Panic Attacks Dead in Its Tracks Without Expensive Therapy


If you are serious about wanting to know how to stop panic attacks … know this … it is absolutely possible to and no … you are definitely not a "special case" or incurable … to cure your panic attacks once and for all.

First of all, panic disorders or fairly common … now a little math … (sorry) …

It has been estimated by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) that there are about 6 million adults in the United States that suffers from one form or another of just Panic Attacks disorders.

And … women are two times more likely to be afflicted then men.

So no … you are not the only one out there … And the reason Panic Attacks are fairly common is because your mind sort of hijacked your body's fight or flight reactions.

In layman's terms … our long gone ancestors relied on the fight or flight syndrome to protect themselves from immediate danger … whether from other cave dwellers to the saber tooth tigers.

You see … they had to decided very, very quickly whether or not to remain in place and fight off the danger or run like heck as all get out …

But we don't need that so much in this modern world … but for some reason or another our bodies feel like it is in danger … the key word here is "feel like it's in danger."

And know this … you are never in danger while undergoing a panic attack … even though it feels like it ..

For instance … some of the most common symptoms of the panic attacks is:

* Your heart feels like it is racing all of a sudden or skipping a beat

* You have difficulty breathing … you have shortness of breath

* You are struck by a debilitating feeling of absolute terror

* You experience dizziness, lightheadedness or even nausea

* Your body start to tremble, sweat or even shake

* You experience sudden choking or chest pains

* You feel tingling in your extremities such as toes or fingers

* You get a feeling of losing control or going "crazy" or even you are about to die

But you see … it is all a trick! It is no joking matter I assure you …

But to be safe … you still should have your medical doctor check you out to be sure you don't have any problems with your heart for instance …

And yes … there is a cure for panic attacks … a very effective cure that won't cost you a arm and leg that you can do yourself. You won't need to take any herbs … and be sure to consult with your doctor if you are on medications whether or not you should stop taking them …

Because truth was told … I have never been comfortable with prescribed medication … there are always side effects. And besides … everything out there now just helps you "cope" with Panic attacks. I'm tired of coping! I want to end it forever … and live my normal life again.


Source by Kate McSwain