Inner Peace and Homosexuality


A very important aspect for having inner peace and joy is accepting and loving yourself. However, it is kind of difficult to love and accept yourself when you turn on your television and the media implies that in order to be beautiful you should be thin ,wealthy, youthful, have fair skin, be of the Christian faith and be straight. That is a very narrow window and most people will not fit into all of these categories.

If you ever want to experience total inner peace and joy, you have to accept yourself for who you are and who you were created to be. You have to see yourself and believe that you are the most beautiful creature alive, regardless of your race, shape, figure, class, religious belief and sexuality.

You can not get caught up in the media hoopla about what beauty is and expect to experience inner peace and joy. People come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Even when dealing with your sexuality, you have to come to the realization of what your sexual preference is. If you base your sexuality upon what other people’s interpretation of the bible is you will never experience inner peace because you will be living a life trying to please others.

If you are big boned, have a full figure, or you are petite; You are beautiful!
If your hair is kinky, straight, or curly; You are beautiful!
If you are in a loving homosexual relationship,married or single; You are beautiful!
If you are Christian, Muslim, or Spiritual; You are beautiful!

Inner peace and joy is a state of mind. And in order to maintain that state of mind you have to work on loving and accepting who you are. When you love and accept who you are, you will experience true joy.


Source by Antionette R Tate