Is It Necessary To Be Naked When Using Brainwave Entrainment As A Personal Self-Help Tool?


Is it necessary to be naked when you use brainwave entrainment?

Only if you want it to be.

Brainwave entrainment is a powerful, effective self-improvement tool that is personal in its use. You don't need to get dressed, comb your hair, leave the house, make an appointment with a therapist, or take out a loan to pay for private therapy sessions. You use entrainment when and where you choose by using a mp3 player, computer, or i-pod, and a good set of headphones. You just close your eyes and listen.

Specially designed audio recordings are introduced to your brain via those aforementioned physical tools, with the purpose of synchronizing your dominant brain waves in order to achieve a particular state of mind. This is easily accomplished because the brain naturally follows and mimics repetitive stimuli (Frequency Following Response).

Brain synchronization utilizes specialized brainwave patterns in sessions and can help with a host of personal problems like

  • ADDICTIONS: alcohol, drug, gambling, internet, nicotine, food– withdrawal is eased with a regular application of entrainment.
  • BIRTHING: fear and pain are highlighted during childbirth and training the brain to follow a pattern to reduce anxiety and discomfort is very valuable.
  • CREATING: acting, writing, painting– the need for inspiration and strong mental imagery comes easier with entrainment.
  • DEATH AND DYING : we all have a fear of death and special sessions can ease the journey for both the dying and loved ones.
  • DEPRESSION: BWE is especially known to release endorphins and pleasure chemicals as it repatterns parts of the brain to eliminate sad and depressed thoughts.
  • HAIR GROWTH : brainwaves patterns are activated to release hormones that may stimulate new follicle growth.
  • HEALTH: entraining can help with everything from PMS, menopause, allergies, and stomach discomfort to the lowering of high blood pressure.
  • INTELLIGENCE : can and does raise your IQ, learning ability and helps you retain what you've learned.
  • MANIFESTING: part of the problem of not getting what you are trying to manifest is that you can't detach and let go. Brainwave entrainment can put you in that state of mild.
  • LEADING: to rise up the ladder quickly, entrainment can evoke qualities that make you a great leader.
  • MEDITATING: it's not always easy to meditate naturally and can take years of practice to get a handle on it. Entraining is for people who have trouble meditating.
  • MEMORY: is great for helping make new neural pathways, allowing the brain to put down new memories that can be accessed easily. It can also help facilitate recall.
  • PSYCHIC ABILITY : certain brainwaves are conducive to paranormal experience and is easily accessed with entrainment.
  • PAIN RELIEF: special sessions can stimulate the brain to release natural opiates relieving all kinds of pain from migraines to hangovers.
  • SLEEP: sometimes the brain just won't release and let you sleep. Designed sessions can let you fall asleep, stay asleep while you benefit from this super healing state.
  • WEIGHT-LOSS: a weight-loss state of mind can be achieved that actually sticks with the use of entrainment.

This amazing technology is changing and improving lives everyday. Brainwave entrainment is a simple, powerful, personal tool that doesn't require training and you can begin to feel its benefits immediately. It's all about the vibrations – the brainwaves – and how each different kind affects us and how we can deliberately choose what we want to feel .. If you've been looking for ways to improve certain areas of your life, entrainment, as a personal self-help tool, may just be what you need – naked or not …


Source by Wanina Petlock