LAW OF ATTRACTION: You Get What You Give


The law of attraction simply says that what you put out into the Universe you will receive back. That means, if you go around feeling angry and negative then you are going to attract more angry negative events. If you go around smiling and giving compliments and putting out feelings of joy then good things will come back to you.

Now, most people may say I can think whatever I want to think and my life still sucks. It's because the law of attraction is always working. It is working on the things you are even harboring deep down in your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.

How do I make the law of attraction work for me? You can make the law of attraction work for you by using affirmations, prayers, mantras, gratitude or simply anything that activates feel good energy inside of you. What you read and view influences what you think about which therefore affects the energy you emote into the world. Therefore it's important to monitor what you watch and the environment in which you navigate. You want to be around those that inspire not those that conspire to steal your joy.

The power of repetition is the number one tool to produce results from using the law of attraction. The thoughts you repeatedly put in your mind will become automatic thoughts. We never forget the things we learn as a kid, such as the Pledge of allegiance, because the words became imbedded deep within the mind because of the repetitive habits we used to learn it. As we repeat something we move toward mastering it. Repetition creates habits. If you're consistent in a habit and truly stick with it over time it becomes more and more automatic.

The documentary, The Secret, is made up of great minds coming together to explain the law of attraction. The movie started the shift into mindful thinking that has exploded globally. Creator Rhonda Byrne researched and brought together incredible teachers from all walks of life to share the benefits of the law of attraction and it touches on ways we can practice it. It is a great reference for anyone that would like to know more.

Many great thinkers and philosophers have tried to bring the secret of success to the mass population. The book Think and Grow Rich by author Napoleon Hill shares the concept and many successful people today credit this book for their success. This is another great reference for anyone that is searching for more information on the subject.

I personally have actively pursued and used the law of attraction. The good news is that it actually works but it is always in motion so self-awareness and mindful thinking are crucial in attracting what you truly want.


Source by Charlene Chamblee