Learn How to Face and Overcome Obstacles While Making a Self-Improvement Change


The power to change a certain lifestyle is not an easy task to carry out, for many people who have addiction problems and self-esteem issues, it is an uphill battle. When you get the chance to, go to the nearest mountain or hill and study its features, and then, you will come to know the battle that rages inside the person who is trying to make a change in their life. Each year, me and members of my family will go to the mountains and cut down dead trees so that we can have heat for the winter. Upon arrival to our destination, I would see lots of trees, rock cliffs, mountain valleys, and wildlife; to the human eyes, all these things may seem beautiful, but figuratively speaking, they are obstacles for a person who is trying to make it to the top. As you read this article, I strongly hope that you learn how to overcome your personal weaknesses, while working on a self-improvement plan.

Last month, I came across a picture of a sculpture; an individual is pulling a large boulder while he / she is walking uphill. I want you to imagine yourself, standing at the base of a mountain, someone comes walking up to you and says, "I want you to make it to the top of that mountain." Many of us would accept that challenge in a heartbeat, but as you are getting ready to make the journey up the mountain, that person stops you and says, "Now hold on a minute, it's not that simple. Do you see that boulder behind you? I want you to get a rope and pull that boulder up this mountain until you get to the peak. " Now, there are 2 groups of people in this story, and they are:

1. Those that do not make the attempt. This group of people will walk away from the challenge when they see how steep the mountain is or when they see the enormous size of the boulder. Here are the traits and characteristics of these people:

  • Take offense at a certain word or situation and look for a safe zone.
  • They want everything for free without working for it.
  • They give up when their trials and tribulations overwhelm them.
  • They do not want to make a change in their lifestyle.
  • They give up because their studies are too hard.
  • They would rather play than work.

There are many more traits and characteristics that pertain to this group, but the most important feature that I am going to point out is that they will never succeed in life.

2. Those that make the attempt and make it to the top will always find success, because they are willing to get their hands dirty and make a change in their life. Here are some key characteristics for this group:

  • They're tired of being held captive by some type of addiction.
  • Their habits are getting to the point where it is starting to be bothersome.
  • They refuse to be 2 nd best; They take every opportunity to learn what it takes to be the best in their chosen talent or profession.

From this article, you can see that there is a huge difference between these 2 groups. Those people who want success and are willing to pull their boulder up the mountain side will always face some type of trial or persecution; this is the battle that rages on inside that person who is making a change in their life.

In conclusion, Marianne Williamson once said, and I quote, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Close quote. That light does not come from cowering in safe places, being offended, or quitting; that light comes from being determined to pull that boulder up the mountain until you reach the top. It comes from punching that Gorilla (figuratively speaking) with all your might until you are standing victoriously. I hope that you learn how to face your fears while making a change in self-improvement.


Source by Milo Pabawena