Meditation Will Help You To Become More Aware


There is so much going on in today’s world that it can be easy for someone to lose touch with what is taking place within them. Regardless of whether they are around others or by themselves, there can be at least one thing that will consume their attention.

One can then be drawn this way or that way, being nothing more than a slave to their own mind. So instead of being the driver of their own vehicle, they will be in the passenger’s seat.

The Outcome

Through having all this control, their mind can make them focus on all kinds of things. Both internally and externally, they will be feeding their energy into things that won’t serve their highest good.

When it comes to what is going on internally, they can focus on all the negative scenarios that their mind has come up with. And, when it comes to what is going on externally, they can focus on all the dramas that other people have created.



In order for them pull themselves out of the internal and external distractions; they will need to become aware of what is taking place. Once they can see how they have been misdirecting their focus, they will be to do something else about it.

This is unlikely to be something that will take place straight away, and this is because this will have been going on for so long. Therefore, as with any habit that has been formed, it will take a concerted effort to change it.

One Way

One thing that one can do to become more aware is to meditate. This is not to say that they will have to sit crossed-legged in a dark room, though, as they could do this while they are walking in nature, for instance.

Ultimately, this will be a time when they are breathing into their stomach and observing what is taking place within them. Thus, instead of being completely indentified with their mind, and not even realising that they are not their mind, they will be the watcher of it.


By developing this ability, they will start to notice when their mind is taking over in their day-to-day life. One can then notice when they are feeding into a negative scenario that their mind has created and take a step back from it.

The energy that they would have directed towards something destructive can then be directed towards something constructive. They will find that this gets easier, providing they continue to meditate.

Final Thoughts

A few times a week, one could find a time when they are able to observe their inner world in peace for about twenty minutes. One could do this for longer as time passes, and they could even engage in this process throughout their day.

When this takes place, it will show that they have become a more mindful person. This is then not so much something that they do; it will have become part of who they are.


Source by Oliver JR Cooper