Move Through Challenges With Empowered Compassion


Yes, spring is on the way! And it's a perfect time to plant a few seeds in your imagination for growing fresh ideas.

I love pairing words together in stimulating new ways and have found that the pairing "Empowered Compassion" really sparks my interest.

Here's why …

You know how delicious it feels when you experience inner balance AND you're motivated to move forward? You are energized, empowered and quietly confident. From your place of balance and groundedness, you truly support yourself. You give yourself what you need and are nourished.

That's because genuine self-empowerment is rooted in compassion. We thrive by being human, not by trying to be superhuman.

So, what images come to mind for you when you speak those words?

Empowered Compassion.

Allow your inner pictures to come into clearer focus and brighten as you continue to read this article. Let your own insights and associations rise and blossom. The more you envision ways that Empowered Compassion can work in your life, the more you activate its potential and help it to germinate.

Empowered Compassion can be thought of as yin and yang, or a pendulum swinging from acceptance to striving and back again.

There's a dynamic rhythm here; can you feel it?

Empowerment is the forceful yang, or masculine, component. When you empower yourself, your core strengths hold you upright and yet are flexible, like well-toned core muscles.

  • You take pleasure in creating goals, large or small.
  • You embrace challenges, knowing that solving problems supports your evolution.
  • You are realistic and alert to life's constant changes.
  • You are defined and focused as you tend your boundaries – boundaries that protect the hours of your day as a force field of intentionality.

Compassion is the feminine, receptive yin. The measure of its strength isn't so much in what it does as in what it holds.

  • Because compassion holds everything without judgment, it helps you befriend and learn from mistakes. So you approach challenges with more curiosity and less fear.
  • Your empathy towards yourself and others generates a healthy perspective – broad, deep and forgiving.
  • Compassion is a powerful antidote to perfectionism. Your self-acceptance counters a host of perfectionist pests like fearful procrastination, over-polishing work, and people-pleasing. Think of how much time that frees up.

Empowered Compassion is a central component of Heart-Based Time Management. This key value offers each and every one of us a powerful

path to bring our integrated strengths into each of our moments.


Source by Paula Eder