Noah’s Ark – Creating Peace Within


Ark symbolizes the mind, and, Noah symbolizes a soul seeking divine rest or inner peace. Thus, Noah's Ark depicts a soul in process of becoming spiritually realized – a soul journeying to know unconditional love through creating peace within the mind.

The Ark, we're told, came to rest upon a mountain – mountain, biblically, means the highest point of inner awareness.

Practically speaking, how do we BUILD this inner Ark?

Scripture reminds us, Noah first sent forth a Raven [sea-bird of prey, or, aspect of soul not yet ready for soul awakening] which did not return [purified unto the soul]. In other words, Noah, the individual soul, through spiritual ignorance, initially expressed Raven or lower nature.

Noah then sent forth a first Dove, which did not return. But, seven days later (meaning, after a period of purifying meditation) sent forth a second Dove – a humbled soul in search of peace [in Christ] which returned with an Olive leaf, symbolizing inner peace as a means of developing spiritual awareness within [consciousness]. A land bird, the Dove found land, meaning, came upon higher "mountain" consciousness – Noah, the individual soul, through meditation, transformed from Raven nature into divine Dove peace.

In meditation, when thought stops, Ark-building or unity awareness begins; Thus, while engaging mental silence, we're building an Ark of soul quietude. In this state, with the brain becoming familiar in focused attention, inner well-being becomes a tangible mind state. For, although the soul is uncreated – always was, always will be – we need to create stillness, inner space, achieve conscious conscious contact for peace-nature to reflect in our lives. Moving beyond intellectualizing on divine love to experience directly, thus, is the human imperative. To this end, the stiller the lake [mind], the clearer is the reflection of the Moon [soul-love].

The Flood

Known in Yoga as kundalini, the "flood" associated with Noah's Ark symbolizes the surge of spiritual energy, consequent of daily silence meditation, which rises from the base of the spine – root chakra – to the top of the head – crown chakra .

Scripture further states: two of each entered the Ark: "two of each" represents duality – good / bad, like / dislike and the multitude of prejudices and egoic mind-sets that make up man's lower nature – biblically termed, [the] Gentile but, here symbolized as the Raven. These "opposites" are not to be challenged directly, rather, consciously witnessed in meditation, thus integrating as they surface in to mind. Although this duality dynamic is responsible for distorting reality into illusion, it is also the matrix, which, upon passing through calmly, delivers transcendental nature.

Thus, in transmuting recurring subconscious thoughts patterns, man's destiny lies within our own mentality.

This Ark process, of creating mental calm within, facilitates peace-nature becoming established in mind, thus our becoming mentally and spiritually attuned with the soul's divine aspect.

In Yoga It is said: God is everything I don't "think" God is.

As duality exists only in the relative [world] state of mind, the imperative is creating space to facilitate reflection of transcendental nature, where duality does not exist.

Therefore, becoming non-dual [within mind] is the vital catalyst of becoming aware in transcendental or Unity consciousness. In this state – for the period of our meditation – individual ego does not exist. Instead, rather like a single rain drop merging with the sea, its nature transforms into ocean status. It is this constant familiarization with transcendental mental silence which brings about inner transformation.

So long as duality or opposites exists within the mind, we're functioning in the realm of divided awareness – through subconscious judgmentalism – which scripture reminds – lest we be judged by our own thoughts – violates Law. This is how, when unconditional love becomes established consciousness, compassion and natural happiness become immediately present in heart.

With "compassion" being the soul's treasured attribute, it is the great spiritual nugget awaiting soul-awakening, and is why God tells Noah to build an Ark of inner peace.

To this end, development of transcendental consciousness facilitates the soul's instantaneous capacity of knowing its own creative, non-judgemental love nature for manifestation of good only in the world.

With Zero being the great multiplier, building the Ark therefore commences with becoming Zero in mind – no deliberate thought consumption – when intellect reduces to point, when concentrated silence becomes the All: You / God as One unified state.

In Yoga this is termed, Samadhi – the mind directly knowing transcendental bliss, the unified field of intelligence which underlies all Creation. Zeroing, therefore, is about creating point awareness where love-silence can flourish abundantly, thus, point and infinity, are equal.

Crucifixion In Relation to Ark

We remember at Jesus' crucifixion, two others were also crucified. These two biblical characters symbolize the two voices of the world: humility and arrogance. The voice of humility said: "remember me, Jesus, when you enter your kingdom" Luke 23:42 – a soul intent on re-consecrating with God. A soul intent on the inward journey of creating mental Ark space or point awareness, whereby crucifixion [of ego] can happen at individual level, transcendentally.

Jesus entered biblical Jerusalem – Uru-salem – meaning, entered "[the] City of Peace" – state of raised consciousness – the donkey symbolizing ego-humility, in meditation.

Other scriptures put it: Jesus entered "the Holy City", meaning, the meditator entered virgin consciousness thus giving birth to, or, awakening of, the Christ consciousness.

Again, Jesus puts it: "No one can get to the Father except by me": John 14: 6. In other words, the soul, "Me", is the intermediary between you and God – all goes through soul first. Therefore, when thought-free space is created – and expressed creatively as love through heart and mind – divine nature takes root and becomes our spiritual domain through which all our actions return as Doves – the Raven is no more.

"Promised Land" And the Ark

A biblical "Promise" is referring to an already existing state within, and, "Land" is referring to consciousness awaiting conscious contact and spiritual direction. Therefore, "promised Land" is consequent of building our Ark. Such enables the soul gain freedom of cyclical re-births into Gentile or lower-self Raven nature – the soul finds eternal Unity AS the Transcendent.

Having listened with heart, and reflected upon God through mental silence, gaining conscious contact with the higher regions of soul becomes automatic: thus, the THOUGHT of God becoming extinct in its realization. In other words, there comes a point in meditation when the conscious mind slips from mental reflection into transcendental soul-love. In this context, the goal of human life lies not in phenomenal existence, but in transcendental nature, where the whole dynamic of Noah's Ark leads [our] ego to becoming crucified in the Promised Land, in the present moment of meditation.

Fulfilling Our Purpose on Earth

Scripture puts it: "On the seventh day he rested": Geneses 2: 1–3. Seven symbolizes completion, gaining higher states [of mind] beyond ordinary human consciousness. To this end, Psalm 23 also puts it: "He leadeth me beside the still waters" [of the soul] – the act of meditation or, building or establishing Ark consciousness. Noah, we're reminded, sent forth his Doves every seventh day: meaning, divine-nature is the natural activity following meditation.

In India, the word Yoga translates as unity consciousness, but, when translated into English means Yoke or wooden beam, which Jesus asks his followers to place on their shoulders – take into our minds as a dynamic of awakening dormant spiritual love. The Yoke symbolizes man's inherent duality nature – biblically termed original sin. Scripture is informing, to enter into states of Ark consciousness whereby the subconscious "yoke" mind [the Raven] becomes transformed, gains "completion" into Dove nature.

In this context, our spiritual purpose is to morph, caterpillar-like, out of the cocoon of lower law of opposites – (rule of the world) into higher law (Unity or, rule of the Spirit). Thus, our Ark of inner solace, upon "completion" through regular stilling of the conscious mind, translates as experiential eternity.

In practical terms, the allegory of Noah's Ark is about culturing the brain and nervous system in experiential fourth state of consciousness – transcendental nature.

Presently our brains are familiar only in the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states. The fourth state, transcendental consciousness, requires a "set-up" at practical level within the nervous system. To this end, through repeated meditation, gradually, over time, the practice cultures the nervous system in withstanding [the fourth state of] bliss consciousness, even in our busy day-to-day lives.

Although initiated in the brain, for the mind to experience transcendentally, there must be a setup within the nervous system – hence, building our peace Ark through mental stillness and silence, establishes this set-up effortlessly.


Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan