Peace of Mind


Peace of mind or inner peace is a state when your brain is free from the thoughts of distress. The state when your feelings and emotions reach the level of existential bummer. You submit yourself to your creator whole-heartedly. You are no longer convinced by the statement that there is no absolution. You find a way to map the radiant thinking process of your brain against the flow states. Inner peace is a feeling of relief and calmness. You are actually close to your Lord and your Lord is close to you. You find yourself emotionally present and no longer lost in some kind of fantasy.

Inner peace is the state when you no longer question about your fate. You finally accept the fact that life is not about victories or losses, but it is all about a continuous process of growth. The situations where you are just not thinking about your future, but try hard to live in present. You are no longer controlled by the horrible incidents of the past. You finally accept the truth that you are the sum of your experiences and each bad experience had made you stronger. There is little goodness in every bad experience.

The state where you connect your soul to something that is beyond this materialistic world, to something that is greater than yourself. You are self-aware and self-conscious. You know your way and where you are heading. You don’t need anyone acceptance. You start keeping everyone at arm’s length. You accept the truth that everything is in your Allah’s hand. HE is all-knowing and all-hearing. HE is there for you even when no one else is. You finally find peace in your prayers. Your heart just throws the burden of all negative thoughts. You just ask your Lord to give you some purpose in life.

Inner peace gives you strength to go beyond your constraints and become selfless. You beg him not to take you back into something he has taken you out from. You become courageous enough to leave the table where respect is no longer served. You become aware of your critical inner voice. You become ready to take risks and dive into the river of future curiosity. You fill the room with your sense of knowingness. You become more stable in your decisions and less judgmental. Inner peace is a state where things like anxiety and depression, cannot control you anymore. You are free in your head and heart. It is not easy to attain this peaceful state of being; it demands a long and continuous struggle. Once you enter into this state of blissful happiness, you become mentally immortal.


Source by Aleeza Malik