Principal Elements Of Self – HELP


How can we become, the best, we can, possibly, be, unless/ until, we focus on our personal strengths, as well as areas of weakness, and effectively, use any strength, while, addressing any weakness? Many people are comfortable, giving advice to others, and effectively advancing their business/ professional careers/ lives, but, often, pay far too little attention, to the best approaches, to self – HELP! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, how, we can better, become, our own, best friend.

1. Healthy; happy; heroic; head/ heart: When we are healthy, we generally become far more capable, and willing, to be, truly happy, and self – satisfied. The better we look, introspectively, and objectively, within, and give ourselves, a check – up, from the neck – up, the easier this becomes. Don’t be afraid of this challenge, or feel, it is impossible, and/ or, unachievable, but, rather, focus on yourself, and give a personal, heroic effort, in your best interests! When one proceeds, consistently, with a head/ heart balance, and balances his emotional and logical components, in a personally, satisfying way, you begin to start, helping yourself, in a meaningful manner!

2. Examine; energizing; excellence; emphasis; endurance: Begin your quest, with thoroughly, examining, what you want, out of your life, including your personal goals, priorities, perceptions, and what makes you happiest! Seek your utmost degree of personal excellence in this endeavor. Doing so, will be energizing and enriching, when the emphasis, is on your own well – being, etc. Have the endurance, to work, your plan, and proceed, with the necessary persistence!

3. Listen; learn; leading: We generally think of a leader, as someone who directs others, but, a real leader, is someone, who also, is leading, himself, wisely, and in a well – considered, manner! Effectively listen, and learn, from every experience and conversation, so you might be, the best, you might become!

4. Priorities; pleasure; planning; perception; process: When was the last time, you truly, took the time, and made the effort, to consider, your priorities, and reasons! What gives you the most pleasure? Are your perceptions, positive, and healthy, or negative, and defeating? Will you commit, to the degree of planning, being a winner, requires? This is a process, and you must be ready, willing and able, to commit, absolutely, to it!

No one can help you, and you can’t serve others or humanity, until/ unless, you begin, with a focus, on self – HELP! Do you really want to help, yourself, become happier and healthier? It’s always, up, to you!


Source by Richard Brody