Self Help By Decision


Self help and motivation have been on the minds of

professors for years. Several Authors and Teachers have joined

together to bring you self help audios, motivation, that could

vastly improve your life and ways of thinking.

I heard many years ago,

“We must admit we don’t know it all in order to get it all”.

Accept that fact and you have started the journey.

Raising the awareness factor is part of that step.

Is there a better life that your not seeing, living or

believing? Asking the right questions Brings you into a better

awareness.You can overcome any challenge. You don’t have

to settle for things as they are. What causes you to stay in that

mediocre state?

When you have problems, you change them into challenges.

At that point you go to see who has the knowledge about that


You put yourself on the track to self improvement. A goal to

take you from where you are to where you want to be.

As a goal, many powerful speakers have sought to bring

you to a higher life standard. Hundreds of years of experience

to get you there. Our world as a whole has a great need for

that higher life standard. Many of us have that inner feeling of

wanting to improve ourselves through self help.

Each person reaches their own maturity of knowledge on

their own to a certain point. It then has to be there decision

what to do next after that.

Just as an example I have a son thats become an Eagle

Scout. He Became an Eagle Scout by following a plan of action,

a book, and having mentors. Those mentors and that book

brought him into a better life, with self help.

It can be very easy to get buried in life’s business, stuck

in the muck, so to speak, that place of mediocre living. Maybe

you can relate to this feeling in life, where you need something

more out of life.

Listening and reading your way to a better life is a great

way to get there. There definitely are good answers out there.

Are you wondering if there is more to life?

Do you think beliefs create everything in your life?

100’s of years of mentoring, teaching’s are out there for the

taking, you just need to make the decision to go for it.

“Its not so much what happens in life that matters, its how you

react to it”.


Source by Brian Groact