Self Help – Secrets To Having A Happy, Successful Life


Self help is a billion dollar industry with readers from both sex, different ages and various countries. Many of the readers have a library of self help information at home.

It’s human nature that people want success and improvement. They want to stand out from their peers and get recognition.

Nearly everything one does is related to winning and becoming a better person. Think back to when you were kids. You would try to do things better and quicker than the other kid to get praise from your parents or teachers.

With everything we do, deep down in our hearts, we want to do it better than other people. Even with things we buy and own.

Have you ever wanted to buy a new cell phone, a better car or want a better job because someone you know has one? We all want to be better than the rest. The only exception is probably our kids. Who we all want our children to be better than ourselves.

This is what feeds the self help industry. It is why there are so many topics on personal development from making money to having lots of friends.

What we truly want is to have a happy and successful life.

Let’s talk about how we can achieve this goal. Imagine that you’re on your death bed and are looking back on your life. What will make you think that you have no regrets with your life?

Will it be because you have lots of money in the bank?

Having a highly-paid job in a respectable company?

Had great times with your friends drinking and sharing stories?

Being envied by your relatives and friends for living in a luxurious house with a cool car?

Take some time and really think about this. Write down what you think is most important to you so that before you shut your eyes forever, you’ll be glad what you have done and achieved in life.

This exercise will be an eye-opener. You may find that money is not the answer to your happiness. All the big houses, fancy sports car, latest gadgets and social status may not matter at all.

What matters is that you were happy for most of your life and you have made the people that are close to you happy as well. You have shared your joys and sorrows with them and have protected them when needed.

Once you’ve written down what matters to you the most, your focus in life should be to realize it immediately, taking any actions that will give you that satisfaction.

Life is about achieving your goals that you’ve set and enjoy the process as well. Your aim is to be happy and make those close to you happy as well.

If your goal is to live in a 2 million dollar mansion, drive a Mercedes, provide the best education for your kids and becoming the director of the company you’re working for, by all means go for it.

Read as many self help books as you can. Take time out to study and work twice as hard to achieve what you want. Persist and laugh at any thoughts of giving up.

However, the key to having a happy and successful life does not depend on achieving these goals, but to enjoy the process and your life.

While you want to work towards being promoted by your company and get a salary increase, you should not neglect your family, relatives or friends.

If you have kids, make sure you spend time with them. Coming home from work, spend time with your spouse and have a laugh together sharing stories. Give them a surprise now and then and go out together more.

Before going to bed, you need to say to yourself that you enjoyed the day and are happy with what you have done within the last 16 hours.

Now imagine that you’re on your death bed again and are looking back on your life. If you’ve achieved the goals which you have set, then hurray. Get the champagne out before you rest for good.

But if you haven’t managed to achieve your goals, you should still be happy and consider yourself a success. This is because you have not neglected what matters to you most while you were working on your life’s ambition.

You still enjoyed your life every day and have made those you care about, happy as well. You can safely say that you have lived your life and your success is by no means inferior to the person who has achieved more than you. At the end of the day, being happy is what matters most.

Rich and famous people are not necessarily happy. Some are sad and have even ended their own lives. You can decide on what type of life you want to live. You can either decide to be happy every day for the rest of your life or think that happiness will come only when you have reached your goals.

Reading self help books will work wonders on improving your life. One of the common themes of all self improvement advice is that you need to think positive and be happy. This is the essence of ‘The Law of Attraction’ and this is so true. The only thing that is stopping you is to acknowledge this and start taking action.


Source by Alan Cheng