Self – Help: Who Do You Aim, To PLEASE?


Too many people, spend much of their time, and personal energy, trying to Keep up with the Joneses. rather than prioritizing, focusing on their personal priorities, and what, might be best, for them! You can never be, as healthy, as possible, until/ unless, you emphasize, feeling the best you can, about yourself, in a warranted manner! This is, far different, than using empty platitudes, in an attempt, to lie, to yourself, but, rather, being ready, willing, and able, to be objectively, introspective, and considering, what, really makes you happy, without worrying, too much, about what others think, or believe. If you wish to help yourself, so you can proceed, with a happier, healthier life, you must, ask yourself, who you most, want to PLEASE. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, when you please yourself, and help yourself, you will generally be happier, and healthier!

1. Priorities; pleasure; planning: Do you know your personal priorities, needs, goals, and desires? What efforts, and details, will give you, the pleasure, you deserve? What will you do, in terms of planning, to ensure, you achieve your personal objectives, and move ahead, towards, self – help?

2. Listen; learn; leader: Don’t assume you, or anyone else, has all the answers! Therefore, always, effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and gain judgment, and, hopefully, the wisdom, you seek. If you want to be happy, become a leader, in terms of your life, and lifestyle, rather than a follower, or member, of the pack!

3. Efforts; examine; effective; energy: Where will you focus your efforts, based on your willingness, and focus, to examine, options and alternatives? Will you be, effective, in your efforts? Will being, the best, you can be, and helping yourself, create additional energy, which will be useful, to you, and your happiness?

4. Attitude; aptitude; attention; appearance: Your appearance should be, one you are proud of, not because it pleases others, but, because it makes you happier! Proceed, constantly, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and develop the skill – set, and aptitude, which makes you better, and stronger! Pay keen attention to the details, which focus on your personal priorities!

5. Stronger; strength; self; serve; self – help: Taking the time, and making the effort, towards focused, self – help, will serve your best interests, by addressing issues, which make you stronger, and help you believe, in yourself! If you gain, relevant strength, you will be happier with the results!

6. Emphasis; endurance; excellence: Focus on your personal emphasis, which must enhance your endurance, to keep going towards your goals, while most, give – up! When you demand your utmost degree of personal excellence, you move towards, being proud of your efforts!

Self – help must focus, on the best way to PLEASE yourself, if you hope, to be happier, and, hopefully, your health will benefit, too! Are you up to this commitment?


Source by Richard Brody