Self-Worth: Can Someone’s Inner Child Cause Them To Feel Worthless?


There are people that are in touch with their inner value and then there are people that aren’t. If someone is in touch with their inherent worth, they are going to know that they deserve to receive things and to be treated well.

As a result of this, their life is going to be far more fulfilling than it would be otherwise. Receiving what they need to fulfil their ‘lower’ and as well as their ‘higher’ needs is unlikely to be a challenge.

A Key Part

Due to how they feel about themselves, they will most likely expect to receive whatever it is that they need. This is not to say that they will just expect everything to fall into their lap, though.

What it comes down to is that they will be able to accept good things and are unlikely to do anything to sabotage themselves. In other words, they will play their part and they will know that the universe will play its part.

Good Behaviour

Being treated well by others is going to feel right, with their being no reason for them to tolerate any other type of behaviour. Through knowing that they are valuable, being treated badly would be something that would stand out.

It wouldn’t be something that would feel comfortable, thereby allowing them to take the appropriate action. This could be a time when they would speak up or they could simply walk away.

A Big Effect

What will also play a part is that will expect other people to treat them well, with this being something that has a positive effect on their reality. So before they even come into connect with others, they will send out the right energy to the universe.

Furthermore, if someone does treat them badly, they could believe that they are just having a bad day. Thanks to how they see themselves, what takes place could bounce right off them or only affect them for a very short period of time.

Not Just an Idea

If one experiences life in this way, their inner world is generally going to consist of thoughts and feelings that reflect their view of themselves. Still, this will be seen as the truth as opposed to just something that they just think and feel is true.

In the same way that they wouldn’t question if their arm is part of them, they typically won’t question if they are valuable. This will be something that has seeped into every fibre of their being, allowing them to accept it totally.

A Different Experience

If someone is out of touch with their inherent worth, they won’t realise that they deserve to receive things and to be treated well. Consequently, they life is unlikely to be very fulfilling and it could be one big struggle.

Getting their ‘lower’ needs met could be tough and getting their ‘higher’ needs met could be more or less impossible. They could often have moments when they give up, seeing no reason to do anything.

One Outlook

They will have played their part but it may seem as though the external world is not meeting them half way. The trouble is that if one is not aware of why their life is this way, they can see themselves as a victim.

It is then not that they are experiencing life in this way because this is what feels comfortable at a deeper level; it is due to the fact that they have no control over their life. One will then have no control over their life, and it will be normal for them to feel helpless.

A Deep Root

When it comes to someone like this, it would be easy to say that they just need to change their thoughts and the beliefs that they have. By doing this, their inner world will change and this will cause their outer world to change.

This might work or they may find that this approach doesn’t have much of an impact on their life. In this case, it could show that they need to go deeper than their mind and to connect to their body.

Another Part


If they were to connect to their body, what they may find is that there is a small child inside them that is not in a good way. This part of them may have been ignored by them and it may have been ignored by its caregivers when they were a small child.

The years will have passed since one was a small child, but the child that they once were will still live inside them. And as they are out of touch with their value as an adult, it is likely to mean that the child inside them is also out of touch with its value.

A Closer Look

During their early years, one may have directly and indirectly been told that they had no value. In addition to being neglected, they may have experienced some kind of abuse.

The child part of them is then going to need to know that it has value and, once it does, the adult part of them will also realise this. Another way to look at this would be to say that this part of them represents their unconscious mind.


This part of them will most likely have a lot to say and a lot of pain to cry out. If one simply says positive things to this part of them and does fun things with it, for instance, it in all likelihood won’t allow them to embrace their inherent worth.

This will be a time when it is primarily about letting go, not adding anything. If one finds that it is too painful for them to do this, they may need to reach out for external support.

A therapist or a healer, for instance, will hold the space so that they can go where they wouldn’t go by themselves. Ones inner strength will get stronger over time and they may find that they get to a point where they no longer need as much support.


Source by Oliver JR Cooper