Spiritual and Sexual Healing


Couple issues such as spirituality and sexuality rank higher than financial reasons as the most affected items of a fumbling relationship. When it comes the moment to point out why a couple needs more intimate vigor, two wrongly things are sure to happen: Women are always blamed, and if both recognize that it's a male matter, also women blame themselves. Their consequent silent follows a behavior that will never end the cycle if there is no communication and willingness to solve it.

I agree on communicative practices within the pair for finding a reconstructive way, if that is what both desire. But I also propose to call upon the Angels of relationships to ask for help, guidance, assistance and healing in this realm.

It's just a matter of concentrating in the voice within to open your self into greater receptivity to their assistance. Practice this for a few minutes daily as you release all your thoughts and feelings. Simply place the relationship in the hands of your Angels and let go.

With your trust in Angels, your beau is also being helped. Spirituality within a couple is all about the union of mind, body and soul. It's the inner joy that reveals the pleasure of having one another.

After you have passed this first step through the pathways to achieve sexual healing, both must concentrate on "the" issue, the rebirth of sexuality life. Surely, answers on this matter lay on natural remedies: aphrodisiacs.

Herb properties influence people sexual attraction. However, few people know that herbs are stimulants. The Santoreggia, for example, is considered one of the most well-known aphrodisiacal herbs that turn on imagination, and reinforce and tone many nerves and muscles, increasing sexual interest. On the other hand, a person that feels unable to be sexual and spiritual at the same time is in urgent need of any presentation of Basil.

Knowing this, kitchens ratify their functions as the best allies of women in the solving of "the situation" by transforming themselves into nests of potions which stimulate and increase the art of love in those people who no longer posses enough erotic spur. Then, you may add five drops of Santoreggia essence on a sugar cube 4 or 5 times a day to stimulate relationships.

The correct use of nature's products, and especially the gastronomic patrimony combined with a pinch of magic ritual, is the right ingredient at the right time: On Friday nights, according to Wiccan tradition.

Some herbs that help sexuality within couples are:

St. John's Wort

This herb is widely used to help lift a low mood and it is often suggested to boost a flagging sex drive in those feeling blue
Potency Wood
This herb is widely used by natives of the Amazon and Orinoco river basins to enhance sexual desire and combat impotence


This herb is often taken as a tonic for increased vitality and libido enhancement


It helps to repair erection problems by increasing penile blood flow


If premature ejaculation or impotence is a concern, this herb can assist any neurosis that might be a factor in these dysfunctions manifesting


Peruvian doctors have been known to give this herb to male patients who complain of having erection difficulties


This food / herb is known as the 'pleasure herb'


The boiled extract of this herb can be used as a douche for vaginal irritations

False Unicorn

It generally promotes fertility in both males and females

It is necessary to fully understand their properties and their correct way of preparation in order to avoid distasteful results. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine the causes of sufferers of sexual problems in order to choose correctly.

And remember: Communicate with one another! Talk to have great sex!


Source by Alma De La Cruz