Spiritual Life Coaching: Healing Your Childhood Trauma


This Spiritual Life Coaching exercise will help you to commence a new and transcendent path filled with peace, joy, and tranquility. It is a guided meditation for those who seek to heal their primal wound and early childhood trauma. If you practice it once three times a week for three months, you should begin to transcend your emotional pain-body and dissolve your toxic emotions… for good.

1. Become seated and cross your legs in a yoga position and close your eyes.

2. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth. Keep it there throughout the entire meditation. Inhale slowly through your nose from your diaphragm, allowing the air to push your lower belly out. Repeat this seven times, focusing your attention on your breath.

3. Visualize the time in your childhood when you experienced your first emotional trauma, no matter how slight or how severe.

4. Now focus on that event for a few moments. See the person who inflicted the trauma, whether it was a parent, sibling, classmate, friend, whomever. If it was more than one person then visualize every person involved. Focus your thoughts on this time in your life until you have a clear picture of it in your mind.

5. All of the pain in your life stems back to this one event, this primal wound. It is time now to heal this pain, and retrieve your soul. There is a hidden treasure that lies at the heart of this trauma.

6. Visualize the eyes of the person who caused this primal, first wounding. See their suppressed pain in their own eyes. As you’re observing this, know in your heart of hearts that they simply didn’t know any better. Know that if they knew better, they would never have hurt you. They were only reacting from their own place of pain, inflicted by someone else when they were a child.

7. Now send the person responsible for your initial wound pure white light emanating from your beating heart. Send them love and forgiveness through the light. Send them the thought wave, saying “I forgive you and understand that you didn’t know any better.” Stay here in this place, for as long as you need, pulsing the white light from your heart toward them with every beat and then visualize the light consuming their entire body until you see them smile. After you see them smile, keep visualizing the pulsating light until their body is completely engulfed in white light.

8. Now release them with unconditional love and forgiveness.


Source by Jason Lincoln Jeffers