Spiritual Majesty


The Sacred, The Holy, The Oath of the Spiritual Guide

I am called by the depths of my soul, I open my heart, I look with love in my eyes, I see only good

The mirror of life reflects perfection to me and all that was previously imperfect is suddenly divine

What is this spiritual majesty that I have come across? Is it a position of power? Authority? Or simply Being?

It is all. All exists within the ONE. One can never be separate from that which s/he created.

Born of Holy Spirit, No earthly pursuit can ever compare and yet,

it is the earthly pursuit that brings us face to face

With our true heritage, We are the blessed ones, We are the caretakers of the human condition

We are the gatekeepers of spiritual truth and nothing can be more powerful.

We may look with our eyes, but it is our hearts that see wonder

Our ears hear the call that our soul answers

We are, by virtue of spiritual heritage the majestic gatekeepers, The gate is at the residence of Love.

We are never better than another, We are simply facets of each other

There is only love that pours into our hearts and our willingness to experience true love will take us out of mediocrity

And see us through spiritual splendor.

For who is greater than I AM THAT I AM?

The synchronistic perfection of life, The timing of our vast and surreal universe

It brings us all together, Just what we need is provided to us, Just when we need it

We give a vow from our hearts to be a pure expression of the divine

We vow only to look with love in our eyes

And compassion in our hearts

We promise to share and care

For as long as we live in this life and the next

Our soul will always remember the divine calling we answered

When we created our agenda – carefully carving out of un-manifest source energy

Our purpose for being here You may have forgotten as I have

And in that moment when you desire to remember who you are

And why you are, The gift of spiritual gratitude is poured onto you

Nothing is by chance and everything is created by taking chances

Love needs not to boast of greatness and greatness is all, Love truly is How we see the divine when we gaze into forever

How we can only live in the moment when forever is a mystery, I can see now how much I have to learn

And I devote my life to live from my heart, With goodness, With care, With sacred meaning

I vow to live as love.

Transcribed via Higher Self Communication © Copyright 2009 Barbara Rose, Ph.D. 12/6/2008 8:21:06 PM

© Copyright 2009 Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


Source by Barbara Rose, PhD