Spiritual Multitasking: How To Do & Be At The Same Time


There are two kinds of “multitasking” – personal and spiritual (impersonal). Let’s look at the personal first: The efficacy of personal “multitasking,” as its commonly understood and practiced, is a myth.

The ability to “walk and chew gum at the same time” is not only much more difficult than it sounds, but when you split your focus you’re also splitting its power. You’re diluting it.

Focusing on two things at the same time requires practice. It doesn’t come easily or naturally to human beings at this particular stage of our mental development.

If you’re concentrating on reading these words, for example, you’re not aware of the sounds inside or outside the room. When I mentioned sound, you attention switched from reading to listening.

You could listen and read at the same time, but it would take some doing, and you’d do both much less well. You could text and drive at the same time but it would be dangerous because the eyes also cannot see two scenes or objects at the same time without practiced effort in expanding your peripheral vision.

Let’s look now at “spiritual multitasking” As personal multitasking means focusing on two or more personal things at the same time – such as mental, emotional, sensual or physical things; “spiritual” refers to focusing on one personal thing and one impersonal thing at the same time.

The impersonal thing is simply your everyday awareness. Notice that the phrase “awareness of something” implies two separate and distinct faculties – the awareness and the objects it’s aware of.

The awareness is the being part of you while thinking, feeling, sensing, acting, are the doing part of you. Both must happen at the same time if you’re to experience life with utmost clarity and self-control.

In spiritual multitasking, you’re experiencing and know your experiencing at the same time. You’re acting and know you’re acting at the same time. Same with five senses – you’re sensing and detachedly aware that you’re sensing.

In personal multitasking, you’re seeing with the eyes alone, hearing with the ears alone, thinking, feeling and acting with those faculties alone. Consequently you’re not able to perform any of those activities very well. You think, feel and act far below your potential.

This is how spiritual multitasking works to empower you: Your personal self is connected to the conscious part of your mind, while your aware self is connected to the subconscious part.

When you are focused on your awareness and a personal faculty at the same time, you access your subconscious source of knowledge and power. The personal self is empowered by the impersonal self. You’re focusing on both – the tip of the iceberg and the body of the iceberg at the same time. It’s amazing!


Source by William F McLaughlin