Spiritual Wisdom In Physical Darkness – Noetic Effect of Sin


Spiritual Wisdom Hinder By A Corrupt Mind

The theory defined as the Noetic Effect of Sin concludes that the fall of mankind accumulated in the perversion of the whole man, touching body, soul, spirit and mind. Thus the sin that destabilizes the physical body and the purity of human emotions also hinders the human capacity to rightly comprehend the mining of Holy Scripture. For Scriptural confirmation of this theory, review the book of Romans wherein the apostle Paul pens the following words:

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God," (Romans 12: 2).

By probing into the Scriptural story of a man born blind for the purposes of God, Christians can see that a supernatural healing entail much more than physical restoration. In fact, to be fully effectual supernatural healing must also include a supernatural change in how humans think, thus physical and emotional healing should also be accompanied by a distinct increase in spiritual wisdom.

The "old man," the "sinner from birth," the "man not yet redeemed by grace and faith" has not the capacity to accurately discern the significant of holiness, righteousness and Godliness. Thus the theory of Christian conversion embraces not only the spiritual death of the old man, but it also embraces the demand of a psychological metamorphosis in the new man.

The corrupt mind cannot grasp the things of God. Even without assigning a official term to the condition of Spiritual Blindness, Christians are taught that a carnal mind cannot be subject to the law of God (see Romans 8: 7). This condition of enmity with God is called the " Noetic Effect of Sin ." The term dates back to the early years of Christian theology, wherein redeemed men came to realize that the fall of Adam induced not only physical death but also a measure of mental death. Thus we have a simple explanation for why denominations, church assemblies and even individual Christians cannot come to full agreement regarding correct interpretation of all Scriptures. We may be "washed in the blood," but until rightly conformed to acknowledge and accept the thoughts and intends of God our minds remain under the curse. Thus perfect understanding seems often to resist our hopes. The voice of the Spirit remains unheeded. And unity within the body of Christ remains ever just beyond our grasp.

Now if all this sounds like a mass of self-righteous theo-talk, you might be somewhat right for we often tend to overcomplicate simple truths. Be it enough to say that the Noetic Effect of Sin means that without coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you and I lack access to the full potential of our mind.


Source by RM Harrington