The 8 Levels Of Maum Meditation


Maum meditation is a form of meditation that was founded in South Korea by Woo Myung in 1996. The practice is built in the belief that most humans live in a false world.

The meditation is composed of eight levels with the first seven aimed at conditioning people to reject the false world and embrace the “real” world.

Level 1

This stage is aimed at helping you to know that you are one with the universe. To practice, you need to assume a comfortable meditation position (by sitting cross-legged on a floor or mat) then visualize your physical body dying. You should also see yourself floating from your body off into space.

Level 2

This stage is meant to free yourself from all the earthly emotions and memories. To do this you need to visualize yourself in a space near a black hole and then mentally throw all the memories and emotions from your life into the hole.

Level 3

Here you are supposed to visualize yourself putting all the things that define your life on earth on a conveyor belt and allow them to ride along the belt until they fall into a pit of fire. The earthly possessions that you need to get rid of are: cars, homes, and businesses.

Level 4

This level requires you to do a simple physical act such as vacuuming and associate the physical act to the virtual death of your own body. According to the program, you are supposed to engage in physical medication every time you perform household tasks.

Level 5

Also known as “knowing the original foundation; knowing the mind and body of the universe,” this level is similar to the fourth level because it requires you to mentally associate a physical act with the virtual death of your own body.

Here you are allowed to choose any physical activity that you love doing and associate it to the death of your body. For example, you can associate washing of utensils to the physical death of your body.

Level 6 and 7

These levels are basically expanded versions of the fourth and fifth levels.

Level 8

Also known as “working in the true world for the world,” this level is reached when you have “escaped” the worldly way of thinking and doing things. When you are at this level, you are said to have been enlightened and you view the world from a different angle.


Source by Duncan Lancer