The Fractal Structure of AUM and Triguna Quantum Mechanics on the Rim of Existence


The vast majority of present day scientific research is based on inductive logic: Because by experience it is observed, that some A behave in manner B, it is connected that all A behave in manner B, until this hypothesis is falsified by an anomaly that challenges the paradigm. In fact, for most experimental results, a triplicate reproduction of the same result is considered as sufficient proof. Nevertheless old hypotheses are regularly falsified and replaced with newer ones. Thus the vast majority of science is based on a believe in the generalisability of particular instances. Rules and abstractions are grounded on a collection of experimental data. It is a bottom-up manner of acquiring knowledge about phenomena.

Many scientists look down on results obtained by introspection or religious meditative experiences. However the great deal of similar experiences described by various enlightened persons from different horizons, should have led to the scientific abstraction of rules therein and perhaps the conclusion that the patterns emerging from such experiences are as valid a believe as the inductive-logic believe of scientists .

When we are trying to understand the world around us, it is indeed useful to derive rules from phenomena, as it helps us to choose strategies if similar events occur in the future. For those who never have had a transcendental experience, the Roman adage "Natura Magistra Artis", nature shows how it works, is prima facie the only valid way to acquire knowledge. When we go beyond the level of control of the physical world, to the level of social interactions, expression and the question of our purpose -if any- in life, we can choose to apply "that what works" and derive a morality therefrom, but eventually we'll hit a ceiling.

When we apply our scientific inference techniques we'll end up concluding that everything is of a transient nature and eventually we'll die. A very unsatisfying conclusion, which has led to the frantic search for technological solutions to prolong life or even attain immortality.

Religions promise differently. The body may be mortal, but the Soul is immortal. In Advaita Vedanta (non-dualistic Hinduism: "All is God"), the ultimate reality of everything is one single Soul, Brahman or God, the nature of which is absolute and is called sat-chit-ananda (existence-knowledge-bliss ). All is consciousness, namely God's consciousness and the world we see around us is embedded therein as an illusory manifestation thereof, called Maya.

I have always been a seeker of the truth, of knowledge, of science and of God. For many years I worked as a scientist in the field of biochemistry, seeking to understand the nature of the phenomenon "life". I have also been a practitioner of Yoga and I have found the approach of Advaita Vedanta the most promising springboard to acquire a meaningful understanding of God and the world.

As I have not been able yet to attain that experience of communion with God called Samadhi, I must rely on what has been transmitted by what I consider authoritative sources (eg the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). For the rest I can play with hypotheses and postulate in how far science can fit in to the notions transmitted by the Rishis. Of course this involves an amount of fantasising, but I consider this part of my "Svadyaya". The process of gathering information about the nature of the true Self. Such fantasy may turn out apparently useless and falsifiable, as was the case with Leibniz 'Monadology, it may on the other hand give others incentives to probe these notions and come to useful experiments and / or understanding – even if it is by falsifying my hypotheses . My hypotheses are not just the product of absurd fantastical combinations of features, which normally do not co-occur, no, they are based on striking analogies, between Vedantic principles and scientifically indicated phenomena.

One of the big riddles of the Advaita Vedanta to me is how the One Soul, Brahman, which is also said to be the Sound AUM, can give the illusion to be many souls or jivas. I have already postulated in the past the existence of an infinitude of God-quanta (theons), which are identical and therefore one and the same, but that notion sounds contradictory. Here is a further hypothesis as to how these theons can be only apparent individual quanta but in reality form one single self-recursive wave function. The analogy comes from the mathematical Mandelbrot collection, a fractal structure, in which at any given level of detail one encounters the same forms. The Mandelbrot collection is not the only known self-recursive pattern; There are also the "Julia collection" and other ones.

Imagine that the AUM wave function is also a self-recursive pattern, then the essence of the apparently individual jivas can be considered as the repetition of the same archetype that is the AUM wave function at a different aggregation level. When you look deeper down in the rims of the Mandelbrot function (which looks like a meditating Buddha from the side or a Dog's head from above), you'll encounter this same form over and over again.

That is also the essence of holograms, where each constituent brings forth the same form.

Thus perhaps the individual jivas are nothing but a part of the same AUM wave function at a different fractal dimension in the rim of the same sound / vibration.

Just like the Mandelbrot function yields a vast variety of beautiful colors and forms in the rims of the collection when looked at from a certain perspective, in a similar way this material-energetic world of Maya we see around us, might be the rims of the AUM wave function and the jivas the repetition of the archetype form.

In addition it fits the notion that the world of Maya is only a small part of God's manifestation: Only the rims of the AUM sound form the observable material-energetic universe. Like the Mandelbrot collection, the center is unaffected, silent and blissful.

When you continuously chant AUM, which is considered the pre-eminent technique for self-realization in this era called the kali-yuga, at a certain point you'll resonate with it. This chanting is said to lead you to self- or God-realization.

In fact all is one big AUM vibration, but just like waves create interference patterns the AUM vibration generates the observable world. With respect to this it is remarkable how inert matter generates all kinds of patterns, which have the forms of atomic orbitals: On YouTube there is a small fragment of a collection of rice grains to which sound of different frequencies is applied: the grains gather and disperse to resonate in orbital type patterns.

Vivekananda once described that matter itself is inert, but that it is by virtue of the living force of Brahman, that matter is shaped and aggregates. As matter / energy quanta (theons) are nothing but wave functions or vibrations themselves, matter / energy itself is also nothing but the manifestation of the AUM sound at another aggregation level. The interference pattern might bring forth the "triguna" nature of matter: tamas (inertia as a result of cancelling of waves), rajas (movement, when waves neither cancel nor resonate) and sattva (harmony ie resonance of waves). Also at atomic and molecular level an analogy to this triguna nature of matter can be made: The nucleus of an atom is relatively inert (tamas), electrons are in continuous movement (rajas) and when a binding between atoms occurs there is resonance (sattva ), giving rise to molecular orbitals. Sattva can also exist in the pure form of a photon or liberated energy, which when captured by matter, gives rise to an excited state or higher-energy level molecular orbital. The solid aspect of matter is only there because the rajasic electrons move so fast around the nucleus or in molecular orbitals, just like a tornado. It is only logic that all quanta are entangled, because in the end they are part of one single wave function.

Note that in this reasoning both energy and matter are forms of Maya, whereas others (technoshamanists such as /: set AI on the one hand, Peter Russell on the other) have respectively postulated that "light or liberated energy" is the very ultimate nature of God or a good analogy thereto. In Vedanta energy and matter as Maya are only a small part of God's manifestation. To speak in the terms of AUM as fractal: they are merely the rim.

This would also fit the notion, that the Devas, the shining ones, the stars or the angels are only sattvic of nature.

Finally similar analogies can probably be drawn at the level of the substructure of the nucleus, but I'll leave that topic for a further article.

All patterns, all information (Maxwell's demon: Energy and information are interconvertible), all material and energetic existence in the end can be considered as Maya and nothing but a manifestation of AUM, which is the only existence. So everything we're so attached to, all our habits and idiosyncrasies we call "I", in the end are not permanent as our existence is nothing but the vibration AUM. We'll realise this when we'll achieve resonance therewith. All contradictions between the concepts of Vedanta and modern science are only prima facie apparent, but evaporate after a deeper investigation.


Source by Antonin Tuynman