The Hidden Benefit of Meditation – How Meditation Will Make You Last Longer in Bed


Meditation is something I integrated in my life about a year ago. I try to meditate for at least 15 minutes everyday. This is my understanding of meditation that I formed from reading and listening to different sources.

Meditation is the art of voluntary relaxing your body and controlling your own focus. The goal of meditation is to become the observer. You can choose to observe your breath, any part of your body or even observe the activity of the mind which is your thoughts. You then realize that your true self is not your mind or your thoughts, but the one who observes your thoughts. You are the observer.

For beginners, I recommend starting out with guided meditations. You can find a lot of free guided meditations in mp3 format online if you simply search for it.

I found out that practicing meditation has a lot of beneficial side effects. Side effects that range from being able to last longer in bed (for men) to learning a new skill or a new language faster. In this article, I will stick with lasting longer in bed for men since it is my field of expertise.

I started suggesting to men who have problems with premature ejaculation to meditate and we had great results. The principle is that In your body, the ejaculation is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system (which is related to stress). So learning to relax yourself will give you more control over your ejaculations. If you are able to relax all your body, you will also be able to relax the muscles that control ejaculation and you will be able to slow down the effects of the sympathetic nervous system. With meditation, you will get used to intentionally relax your muscles and your whole body.

I also teach men that breathing is a key to lasting longer in bed. We have the tendency to stop breathing properly when we are sexually aroused. When we stop breathing, our body becomes tensed and we lose control. I suggest to always focus on the breath and to use what I call deep breathing in order to bring back our arousal level down. Deep breathing is a breath that comes from the belly. A lot of guided meditation will teach you to focus all your attention on your breath. Some will also teach you how to breath deeply from your belly.

Another important aspect when you want to have more control over your ejaculations is to be more aware of your own body and your own sensations. This is important so you always know where you are in your arousal and you do not reach the point where you lose control. To be focused on our own sensations is not something most men are used to do. But meditation can help quickly change that. Most guided meditations will tell you to focus your attention on certain parts of your body, form one area to the other.

So with the help of meditation, you can train yourself to relax all your body, to focus on your breathing, to breath more deeply and to also focus on your own sensations. These are all skills very helpful if you want to last longer in bed by having more control over your ejaculations and your own body. So go ahead…meditate.


Source by Tony Bonacci