The Importance Of Natural And Spiritual Water


I recently learned about the importance of water from Ken Squires who noted the following information:

First, the human body is 2/3 water. Second, in your lifetime you will have required an incredible 1.5 millions gallons of water! Third, if you lose 2% of your body’s water supply, your energy will decrease by 20%. A 10% decrease in water, you will be unable to walk, and a 20% decrease will mean your death.

I remember a particular coach sharing one day that when people believe they are hungry, it is really that they are dehydrated, and the hunger pang is a signal a person needs more water, not more food.

It is no secret that Jesus often referred to water when he spoke of spiritual health and passion. He proclaimed himself to be the living water inside of his followers. He talked about a spiritual drink that would cure a person’s thirst for life.

The psalmist spoke of desiring God’s presence as a thirsty deer desires to drink clean water. Indeed, throughout scripture healthy spirituality is likened to flowing streams and rivers, while spiritual bankruptcy is likened to a stagnant pool.

The question is where does our desire take us, does it lead us to pure water that washes away sin, or does it lead us to a contaminated supply of liquid that leaves one ill and weak.

When Martin Luther saw the religious decadence in Rome he set about starting a reformation that included translating holy writ into the common language so people could feed themselves. Just as the outer man needs food and water, the inner man needs to be fed and hydrated with spiritual seed. One primary source for that nourishment is holy scripture.

Indeed, when told to recant his new found faith and follow religious tradition Luther uttered his immortal words, “I stand convicted by the Scriptures… I cannot and will not recant anything… On this I take my stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.”

Are you thirsty? Be sure to drink from the healthy waters of the Word. Many people recommend a person start with the Gospel of John. I recommend including the Book of Romans, it is the book that opened people’s eyes to the gospel of grace and started the Reformation.

The challenge is to read the book and then reread it several times. One speaker at a conference was giving a message on Ephesians, a relatively short book. He shared that the week before the presentation he read Ephesians some two dozen times.

Concluding with the metaphor above, how much does your spirit starve if you reduce your spiritual food by 10%, by 20%, or even more? To experience a spiritual surge of energy it is important to take Jesus’ words literally when he said, “The words I have spoken to you–they are full of the Spirit and life” (John 6:63). Be sure to take regularly from the words of life, and let the river of grace flow freely in your heart.


Source by Tobin Crenshaw